English Vocab

1. Tinker (verb): To make small changes in something, because you hope to improve or fix it: (मरम्म्त करना, ठीक करना, इधर-उधर करना)
Synonyms: Fiddle, Mess, Toy, Twiddle, Tamper

Antonyms:  Break, Destroy
Example: The camera hasn't worked properly ever since our son tinkered with it.
Related: tinkered, tinkered   
2. Stagnant (adjective): Showing no activity. (ठहरा हुआ, स्थिर)
Synonyms: Inactive, Sluggish, Stationary, Motionless
Antonyms: Active, Vibrant, Flowing, Moving, Mobile
Example: Two days after the storm, the stagnant water puddles are still in my front yard. 
3. Renege (verb): To fail to keep a promise or an agreement, etc. (वायदा करके मुकर जाना, इनकार करना)
Synonyms: Repudiate, Revoke, Recant, Renounce, Abjure
Antonyms: Adhere, Fulfil, Support, Maintain
Example: If you renege on the deal now, I'll fight you in the courts.
Related: Reneged, Reneged
4. Indictment (noun): A formal charge or accusation of a serious crime. (अपराध या कलंक लगाना, अभ्यारोपण)
Synonyms: Arraignment, Charge, Accusation, Incrimination, Allegation
Antonyms:  Acquittal, Ablution, Exoneration, Vindication
Example: The charges on the indictment include murder and attempted murder.
5. Regime (noun): A particular government or a system or method of government: (शासन, राज्य-काल)
Synonyms: Rule, Reign, Command, Administration, Governance, Dominion
Example: The old corrupt, totalitarian regime was overthrown.
 6. Compensation (noun): Something, typically money, awarded to someone in recognition of loss, suffering, or injury. (नुकसान भरपाई, मुआवजा)
Synonyms: Remuneration, Indemnity, Reimbursement, Requital, Redress
Antonyms: Fine, Penalty, Loss
Example: A warehouse worker received a large compensation for his injury while on the job.
7. Reprimand (verb): To express to someone your strong official disapproval of them: (फटकारना/फटकार, घुड़की)
Synonyms: Rebuke, Scold, Chide, Admonish, Upbraid
Antonyms: Commend, Applaud, Praise, Compliment
Example:  He was reprimanded by a teacher for running in the corridor.
Related: Reprimanded, Reprimanded
 Image result for reprimand
8. Lackadaisical (adjective): Lacking enthusiasm and determination. (आलसी, सुस्त)
Synonyms: Languorous, Lethargic, Indolent, Spiritless
Antonyms: Energetic, Industrious, Lively, Enthusiastic
Example: Feeling particularly lackadaisical in the summer heat, they lazily tossed a ball back and forth.
9. Shoddy (adjective): Badly and carelessly made, using low quality materials: (बेढंगा, घटिया)
Synonyms: Inferior, Cheap, Tawdry, Trashy, Lousy
Antonyms: Excellent, Fine, Good, Superior
Example: We're not paying good money for shoddy goods.
10. Livestock (noun): Farm animals, such as cows, sheep, or chickens, kept for use and profit. (पशुधन, मवेशी)
Synonyms: Cattle, Domestic Animals, Sheep, Herd
Example: Because of this bad weather, many of the livestock died.
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