English Vocab

1. Cardinal (adjective): Of greatest importance. (प्रमुख, प्रधान, मौलिक)
Synonyms: Fundamental, Central, Primary, Paramount, Key
Antonyms: Unimportant, Secondary, Insignificant, Ordinal

Example: As a sales man, your cardinal rule is to do everything you can to satisfy a customer.
2. Besmirch (verb): To damage someone’s reputation. (कीचड उछालना, मैला करना)
Synonyms: Sully, Tarnish, Smear, Defame, Denigrate
Antonyms: Cleanse, Honour, Praise
Example: After being kicked out, Marcus did everything within his powers tobesmirch the name of the establishment.
Related: Besmirched, Besmirched
3. Extricate (verb): To remove or set something free from difficulty. (छुड़ाना, मुक्त करना)
Synonyms: Liberate, Release, Disentangle, Rescue, Free
Antonyms: Entangle, Embroil, Encumber
Example: It took hours to extricate the car from the sand.
Related: Extricated, Extricated
4. Crook (noun): A person who is dishonest and criminal. (बदमाश, धूर्त)
Synonyms: Criminal, Culprit, Malefactor, Miscreant
Antonyms: Lawman, Law Abiding, Gang Buster, Police
Example: Everybody knows the mayor is a crook who accepts bribe for favours.
5. August (adjective): Inspiring awe and reverence; large and impressive. (भव्य, गरिमापूर्ण)
Synonyms: Grandiose, Majestic, Magnificent, Dignified, Imposing
Antonyms: Abject, Petty, Unimpressive, Humble
Example: We visited their august mansion and expansive ground.
6. Exuberant (adjective): Full of energy, excitement and cheerfulness. (उत्साहित, उल्लासपूर्ण)
Synonyms: Ebullient, Jubilant, Effervescent, Exultant  
Antonyms: Depressed, Dull, Unenthusiastic, Unhappy
Example: The exuberant puppy would not stop running around the house.
7. Fugitive (noun): A person who has escaped from captivity or is in hiding. (भगोड़ा, फरार)
Synonyms: Escapee, Absconder, Deserter, Refugee
Antonyms: Captive, Confined, Hostage, Imprisoned
Example: Three men escaped from the prison and were being sought as fugitives.
8. Extrapolation (noun): To guess or think about what might happen using information that is already known. (आकलन, अनुमान)
Synonyms: Estimate, Forecast, Prognostication, Calculation
Example: We as economists tend to just predict the future by extrapolating from the past.
9. Reluctant (adjective): Unwilling and hesitant. (अनिच्छुक) 
Synonyms: Loath, Averse, Disinclined, Resistant, Grudging
Antonyms: Eager, Willing, Ready, Enthusiastic, Inclined
Example: Today, many people are still reluctant to talk about politics.
10. Culpability (noun): Responsibility for a fault or wrong. (दोषी, अभियोज्यता)
Synonyms: Guilt, Blame, Accountability, Responsibility, Fault
Antonyms: Innocence, Blamelessness, Guiltlessness
Example: The judge found the man culpable for the crime and sentenced him to life imprisonment.

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