English Vocab

1. Euphoric (adjective): Characterized by or feeling intense excitement and happiness. (उल्लासमय, खुशी से भरा हुआ माहोल)
Synonyms: Exultant, Jubilant, Ecstatic, Elated
Antonyms: Unhappy, Miserable, Depressed, Dysphoric

Example: When she received her acceptance letter to Harvard, she was in a state of euphoria for weeks.
2. Upheaval (noun): Great change, causing or involving difficulty or trouble: (उथल-पुथल, होहल्ला, खलबली)
Synonyms: Convulsion, Cataclysm, Turmoil, Tumult
Antonyms: Peace, Harmony, Calm, Amity
Example: The long garbage strike in 1970 caused much political upheaval.
3. Rigmarole (noun): A lengthy and complicated procedure. (नीरस और निरर्थक प्रक्रिया)
Synonyms: Palaver, Fuss, Nonsense, Rubbish
Example: Because the application process does not contain a lot of rigmarole, most applicants can usually complete it within fifteen minutes.
4. Bewildering (adjective): Extremely confusing or difficult to understand. (हक्का-बक्का करनेवाला, हैरान कर देने वाला)
Synonyms: Baffling, Puzzling, Disconcerting, Mystifying, Perplexing
Antonyms: Understandable, Explicable, Comprehendible, Enlightening
Example: There is a bewildering variety of garments in the new shop.
5. Indictment (noun): Formal statement of accusing someone. (अपराध या कलंक लगाना, अभियोग)
Synonyms: Prosecution, Allegation, Incrimination, Impeachment, Conviction
Antonyms: Acquittal, Exoneration, Ablution, Vindication
Example: The charges on the indictment include murder and attempted murder.
6. Presage (noun): Something believed to be a sign or warning of a future event. (पूर्वसूचना, सगुन)
Synonyms: Omen, Portent, Premonition, Prophesy, Augury
Example: Dark clouds are normally a presage of a storm.
7. Conjecture (noun): An opinion or conclusion formed on the basis of incomplete information. (अनुमान, अटकलबाजी, अन्दाज करना)
Synonyms: Guess, Speculation, Supposition, Assumption, Surmise
Antonyms: Fact, Proof, Truth, Reality
Example:  What will happen next is a matter of conjecture.
8. Contentious (adjective): Causing or likely to cause an argument. (विवादास्पद)
Synonyms: Controversial, Disputable, Debatable, Argumentative
Antonyms: Uncontroversial, Complaisant, Cooperative, Conciliatory
Example: If this case goes to court, it could be a contentious trial which might last for months.
9. Resile (verb): To stop doing or supporting something or change a decision you made previously: (अस्वीकार करना)
Synonyms: Rebound, Recoil, Ricochet, Reverberate,
Antonyms: Steady, Stay, Remain
Example: He has resiled from both of these commitments.
10. On an even keel (idiom): In a calm and stable condition. (एक शांत और स्थिर स्थिति में)
Synonyms: smoothly, uniformly, steadily, unvaryingly
Antonyms: uneven, irregular, unstable,
Example: She sees it as her role to keep the family on an even keel through its time of hardship.
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