English Vocab

1. Belligerence (Noun): Unfriendly and aggressive feelings or behaviour. (झगड़ालूपन)
SynonymsAcerbity, Antagonism, Hostility, Pugnacity, Asperity

AntonymsBenevolence, Cordial, Affable, Meek, Gregarious
Example: Despite his early belligerence toward haughty Britain, he lobbied hard to become the first American Ambassador to St. James's and was rewarded with not only the job but a tour of Buckingham Palace.
2. Discord (Noun): Disagreement between people. (मतभेद)
SynonymsStrife, Dissension, Antagonism, Contention, Friction.
AntonymsConsensus, Unanimity, Accord, Concord, Solidarity.
Example­­: The coach admitted that he was to blame for fomenting some of the discord around what could have been Serie A's defining match of the season.
3. Ostensibly (Adverb): As appears or is stated to be true, though not necessarily so. (प्रकट रूप से)
SynonymsApparently, Manifestly, Purportedly, Allegedly, Superficially.
AntonymsImprobably, Obscurely, Unlikely, Genuinely, Implausibly.
Example: On Thursday, the president revived his rhetoric during a bizarre rally in Montana ostensiblyintended to stoke support for the state’s Republican Senate candidate.
4. Assuage (Verb): To make an unpleasant feeling less severe. (कम करना)
SynonymsAlleviate, Mitigate, Allay, Dampen, Palliate, Attenuate, Tranquilize, Smother, Stifle.
AntonymsAggravate, Agitate, Exacerbate, Incite, Perturb.
Example: Speaking to journalists this week, Egypt's foreign minister, Nabil Fahmy, tried to assuageconcerns about a media crackdown.
5. Coy (Adjective): Shy or pretending to be shy and innocent. (संकोचीलजीला)
SynonymsBashful, Coquettish, Modest, Diffident, Reticent.
AntonymsBrazen, Bold, Presumptuous, Insolent, Blatant.
Example: Many of our contemporary female stars are coy about celebrity; they give shy interviews over Cobb salads and insist that they are just like us.
6. Capricious (Adjective): Showing sudden changes in attitude or behaviour. (मन मौजीसनकी)
SynonymsFickle, Mercurial, Erratic, Vacillating, Volatile.
AntonymsStout, Reasonable, Coherent, Sturdy, Stable.
Example: Finally, just when all seems well, Fate, that capricious chess master, brings his queen into play
7. Obscure (Adjective): Not clearly expressed or easily understood. (अस्पष्ट)
SynonymsAbstruse, Nebulous, Esoteric, Recondite, Vague.
AntonymsExplicit, Distinct, Pronounced, Evident, Coherent.
Example: Admittedly, some have published in relatively obscure academic locations, or mainly in German.
8. Burgeoning (Adjective): Beginning to grow or develop rapidly. (मुकुलित होनातेजी से बढ़ना)
SynonymsProliferate, Escalate, Thrive, Prosper, Exuberant.
AntonymsDiminish, Dwindle, Shrivel, Wither, Truncate.
Example: To many analysts, it represented the blending of the great media of the 20th century with theburgeoning digital media of the 21st.
9. Emanating (Gerund/Past paticiple): (Of a feeling, quality, or sensation) issue or spread out from (a source). (निकलना/उत्पन्न होना)
SynonymsExude, Disgorge, Stem, Egress, Loom
Antonyms:  Fade, Conceal, Hold, Keep, Withdraw
Example: Many of these ideas emanated from the ancient India.
10. Retaliation (Noun): The action of returning a military attack; counter-attack. (प्रतिशोध)
SynonymsRetribution, Recrimination, Reprisal, Vengeance, Recoil
AntonymsForgiveness, Pardon, Reprieve, Dispensation, Amnesty
Example: She claims the district terminated her in retaliation for reporting “abuses of students and student-athletes by CCS employees”
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