Current Affairs : 09-08-2018

·         An all-women expedition to this mountain (6593Mt/21631 ft) in Himachal Pradesh started - Mt. Manirang.
·         The government withdrew the Financial Resolution and Deposit Insurance (FRDI) bill which contain this controversial
provision for financial institution - “bail-in”.
·         Chinese consulate is set to organize a three-day Chinese film festival in - Kolkata.

·         During 31 July-07 August 2018, India was conducted A joint Cycling cum Trekking Expedition with - Bhutan.
·         The 3rd India-Nepal Coordination meeting held in - New Delhi

·         The Competition Commission has approved this company's acquisition of 51.8% stake in drug firm Merck Ltd - Procter & Gamble.

·         In August-18, position of Indian Women’s hockey team on FIH’s World Ranking – Ninth.
·         In August-18, position of Indian men’s hockey team on FIH’s World Ranking - fifth.
·         In August-18, First place on FIH’s World Ranking – Australia.
·         This country's goalkeeper, Isam El Hadri, who was recognized as the oldest player in the worldcup, announced his retirement from international football - Egypt.
·         2018 World Cup hockey tournament Final won by – Holland.

Person in News
·         Former Tamil Nadu chief minister and DMK patriarch passed away at the age of 94 - M Karunanidhi.  
·         US food and beverage giant, Pepsico's Indian-origin CEO - Indra Nooyi.

General Knowledge
·         National Handloom Day in India - August 7.
·         Swadeshi Movement started in India on dated - 7 August 1905.
·         The first Everest expedition with all women team headed by Babendri Pal was conducted in – 1993.
·         Capital of Nepal – Kathmandu.
·         Headquarters of the International Hockey Federation (FIH) - Lausanne (Switzerland).
·         Capital of Bhutan – Thimphu.
·         National Currency for Bhutan - Bhutani Ngultrum.

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