English Vocab

1. Entail (verb): To make something necessary, or to involve something. (की मांग करना, के लिए जरूरी होना)
Synonyms: involve, subsume, require, necessitate, demand, include

Antonyms: Exclude, Leave, Omit, Debar, Eliminate, Preclude
Example: Such a large investment inevitably entails some risk.
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2. Roil (verb): Make (a liquid) turbid or muddly by disturbing the sediment. (घंघोलना, क्रोधित करना)
Synonyms: Rile, Churn, Stir, Agitate, Vex, Moil.
Antonyms: Please, Soothe, Gratify, Pacify, Placate
Example: Fierce winds roiled the sea.
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3. Unperturbed (adjective): Not worried or concerned. (बेफिक्र)
Synonyms: Unruffled, Placid, Tranquil, Untroubled, Composed.
Antonyms: Anxious, Jittery, Skittish, Upset, Bothered, Flustered
Example: She seemed completely unperturbed at the idea of having to sing in a room full of strangers.
4. Dovish (adjective): Peaceful and diplomatic methods to achieve something rather than using force & violence. (शान्तिवादी तरीका, युद्धविरोधी)
Synonyms: Pacifistic, Amicable, Genial, Non – Aggressive, Gentle
Antonyms: Warmonger, Hawkish, Hostile, Fierce, Argumentative, Warlike.
Example: He is a dovish politician who was one of the signers of a model peace treaty.
5. Pre-empt (verb): Take action in order to prevent something from happening. (पूर्व – कार्यवाई करना, कुछ काम को होने से रोकना)
Synonyms: Forestall, Seize, Prevent, Preclude,
Antonyms: Permit Promote, Assist, Forward, Allow.
Example: The minister held a press – conference in order to pre-empt criticism in the newspaper.
6. Hawk-eyed (idiom): Someone who watches and notices everything that happens. (चौकन्‍ना, तेज आखोवाला)
Synonyms: Observant, Vigilant, Alert, Argus- Eyed, Perceptive.
Antonyms: Inattentive, Incautious, Thoughtless, Careless, Unwary.
Example: Hawk – eyed detectives are standing by the doors.
7. Quell (verb): To stop something, especially by using force. (दमन करना, वश में करना, दबाना)
Synonyms: Suppress, Quash, Quench, Extinguish, Squelch, Subdue
Antonyms: Provoke, Instigate, Incite, Encourage,
Example: The police were called into quell the unrest.
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8. Glut (noun): An excessive supply of something. (भरमार, (बहुतायत)
Synonyms: Superfluity, Surplus, Overabundance, Surfeit, Plethora
Antonyms: Dearth, Scarcity, Lack, Shortage.
Example: There is a glut of cars in the market.
9. Forecast (verb) To predict future events. (पूर्वानुमान करना, भविष्‍यवाणी करना)
Synonyms: Prognosticate, Augur, Presage, Divine, Conjecture, Speculate
Example: The IMD forecasts sun for the next five days.
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10. Predicate (verb): To say that something is true forms base of something. (किसी चीज को सत्‍य बताना)
Synonyms: Affirm, Assert, Proclaim, Postulate.
Antonyms: Contradict, Disprove, Dispute, Gainsay, Pronominal
Example: It would be unwise to predicate that the disease is caused by a virus before further tests have been carried out.
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