English Vocab

1. Quintessence (noun): The most perfect or typical example of a quality or class. (सार)
Synonyms - Apotheosis, Gist, Distillation, Kernel

Antonyms - Outside, Exteriority, Extra             
Example - The corruption scandal was reported as the quintessence of dirty politics.
2. Equitable (adjective): Fair and impartial. (न्यायसंगत)
Synonyms –  Unprejudiced, Proportionate, Ethical, Unbiased
Antonyms – Unfair, Bias, Prejudiced, Partial
Example - The arbitrator could foresee no equitable outcome in the feud between the two sides
3. Recuperation (noun): Recovery from illness or exertion. (आरोग्यलाभ)
Synonyms: Convalescence, Rehabilitation, Rejuvenation, Renaissance
Antonyms:  Worsening, Weakening, Destruction
Example: The model has no power of recuperation; in a comparatively short time.
4. Sheer (adjective): Unmitigated (used for emphasis). (परिपूर्ण, निरा)
SynonymsComplete, Absolute, Total, Pure, Perfect, Downright
Antonyms: Impermeable, Moderate, Uncertain, Slow
Example: If the magnitude and increasing complexity of these creations fails to impress you, the sheer quantity should suffice
5. Concordance (noun): Agreement or consistency. (सुसंगतता, समनुक्रमणिका)
Synonyms: Accord, Harmony, Consonance, Similarity
Antonyms: Discord, Disagreement, Opposition
Example: Because both parties were in concordance, the lawsuit was settled out of court
6. Ambient (adjective): Relating to the immediate surroundings of something. (व्यापक,माहौल सम्बन्धी)
Synonyms: Diffusive, Moving, Fluid, Rotating
Antonyms:  Motionless, Stationary, Still
Example: The ambient candle created a romantic setting
7. Paradigm (noun): A typical example or pattern of something; a pattern or model. (मिसाल, उदाहरण)
Synonyms: Archetype, Criterion, Prototype, Standard
Antonyms: Atypical Sample, Untypical, Exemplar
Example:  John’s programming paradigm has taken the computer world by storm
8. Robust (adjective): Strong and healthy; vigorous. (मजबूत)
Synonyms: Hefty, Zappy, Stout, Husky
Antonyms: Wobbly, Flabby, Fragile, Lethargic
Example: The robust athlete quickly recovered after his knee surgery
9. Radical (adjective): Of or going to the root or origin. (मौलिक)
Synonyms: Cardinal, Primitive, Intrinsic, Innate, Fundamental
Antonyms: Minor, Extrinsic, Conservative, Moderate
Example: After the terrorist attacks of 2001, there were some radical changes in airport security
10. Unprecedented (adjective): Never done or known before. (अभूतपूर्व, बेमिसाल)
Synonyms:  Bizarre, Unrivalled, Freakish, Outre, Outlandish,
Antonyms:  Ordinary, Customary, Usual, Unexceptional
Example: The Internet has erased distance and given people unprecedented access to each other.
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