English Vocab

1. Poignancy (noun): A quality that arouses emotions (especially pity or sorrow) (मार्मिकता, खेद)
Synonyms: Pathos, Distress, Pathetic, Piteousness, Plaintiveness

Antonyms: Happiness, Elation, Bliss, Felicity, Joy
Example: A moment of poignancy in the movie comes when he remembers his childhood days.
2. Fable (noun): A short story that tells a moral truth, often using animals as characters:(कल्पित कहानी जिसमे जानवरों का वर्णन हो )
Synonyms: Apologue, Parable, Fiction, Tale, Legend
Example: Latisha loves the fable about the grasshopper and the ant..
3. Morsel (noun) : A very small piece or amount: (निवाला, टुकड़ा, खंड)
Synonyms: Atom, Bit, Speck, Granule
Antonyms: Chunk, Slab, Abundance, Profusion
Example: Investigating team is searching for any morsel of useful information
4. Euphemism (noun): A word or phrase used to avoid saying an unpleasant or offensive word:  (व्यंजना, विनम्र और शालीन भाषा)
Synonyms: Genteelism, Politeness, Understatement, Polite Term, Substitute, Non -Offense
Antonyms: Dysphemism, Calling Spade A Spade(Phrase)
Example: Because people felt the title of “garbage man” was unappealing, theeuphemism of “sanitation engineer” was created.
5. Intriguing  (adjective): Very interesting because of being unusual or mysterious:(लुभावना, दिलचस्प)
Synonyms: Enthralling, Riveting, Captivating, Engrossing, Charismatic
Antonyms: Drab, Uninteresting, Monotonous, Tedious, Dreary
Example: The movie looks intriguing so I’m definitely going to see it.
6. Debilitating (adjective): Tending to weaken something. (कमजोरी लाने वाली)
Synonyms: Enervating, Enfeebling, Wearing, Devitalizing, Prostrating
Antonyms: Invigorating, Exhilarating, Stimulating, Reviving, Enlivening, Vitalizing
Example:  She found the heat debilitating.
7. Resilience (noun): The quality to able to return quickly to a previous good condition after problems: (लचीलाता, लौटाव, पलटाव)
Synonyms: Elasticity, Pliability, Flexibility, Suppleness, Strength,
Antonyms: Fragility, Rigidity, Stiffness, Vulnerability, Defeatism
Example: A resilient individual will not be hurt by insults.
8. Rapacity (noun): Aggressive greed. (लालच, अति लोभ)
Synonyms: Voracity, Avarice, Covetousness, Edacity
Antonyms: Contentment, Altruism, Magnanimity, Largesse, Generosity
Example: His rapacity spoiled the financial year for his company, as he had put prices up too far and the public wouldn’t buy the product
9. Ample (adjective): Enough or more than enough. (प्रचुर, पर्याप्त, काफ़ी)
Synonyms: Copious, Sufficient, Bountiful, Prolific, Adequate
Antonyms: Meager, Lacking, Insufficient, Scanty, Limited
Example: They had ample money for the trip.
10. Ombudsman (noun): Someone who works for a government or large organization and deals with the complaints made against it:(लोकपाल)
Synonyms: Inspector, Intercessor, Deputy, Negotiator, Arbiter
Example: Complaints to the Banking Ombudsman grew by 50 percent last year.
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