English Vocab

1. See eye to eye (idiom): Be in full agreement. (सहमत होना)
Synonyms: Concur, Accord, Consent, Acquiesce, Covenant
Antonyms: Disagree, Dissent, Incongruence, Conflict, Discord

Example: Will labor and management ever see eye to eye on the new contract.
2. In the Crosshairs (idiom): In a position to be criticized or attached. (ऐसी स्थितिजिसमें लोग आलोचना करने के लिए उत्‍सुक है)
Synonyms: Censurable, Blamable, Excoriating, Lambasting, Condemnable
Example: The actor has been in the crosshairs of politicians and public for his comments on religion derogatory.
3. Diffidence (noun): The quality or state of being unassertive or bashful. (लज्‍जा, झिझक, विनय)
Synonyms: Timorousness, Demureness, Bashfulness, Coyness, Timidity
Antonyms: boldness, demureness, brashness, unreserved, courage
Example: Sher natural diffidence and spoke with great franknes me She overca
4. Defiance (noun): Behavior in which you refuse to obey someone or something. (आज्ञा का उल्‍लंघन करना)
Synonyms: Recalcitrance, Contumacy, Disobediencce, Rebelliousness,
Antonyms: Compliance, Obedience, Tractability, Acquiescence.
Example: Running away was an act of defiance against his parents.
5. Chink (noun): A small narrow crack or opening. (दरार, लंबा छेद)
Synonyms: Crevice, Fissure, Slit, Interstice, Perforation.
Antonyms: Closing, Solid, Blockade, Closure
Example: I peered through a chink in the curtains and saw them all inside.
6. Clout (noun): Power and influence over other people or events. (ताकत, प्रभाव)
Synonyms: Dominance, Mastery, Power, Influence, Authority, Leverage
Antonyms: Impotency, Powerless, Weakness, Helplessness.
Example: The small firms banded together so that they have more clout.
7. Sanction (noun): Approval or permission, especially formal or legal. (मंजूरी देनास्‍वीकृति देना, अनुमोदित करना)
Synonyms: Authorization, Endorsement, Warrant, Approval, Dispensation, Accreditation
Antonyms: Prohibition, Proscription, Interdiction, Denial, Revocation
Example: Because of the schools behavioral problems, the principal is unlikely tosanction a school dance this year.
8. Divulge (verb): To make some secret known. (रहस्‍य खोलना, भेद खोलना)
Synonyms: Reveal, Expose, Disclose, Publish, Spill
Antonyms: Conceal, Enshroud, Veil, Loner, Hide
Example: The CEO refused to divulge how much she earned.
Related: Divulge, Divulged
9. Put off (phrasal verb): To delay doing something. (टालना, स्‍थगित करना)
Synonyms: Postpone, Defer, Suspend, Prorogue
Antonyms: Expedite, Facilitate, Forward, Advance
Example: Don’t worry, we can put off this meeting for tomorrow.
10. Avowal (noun): An open statement of affirmation, frank acknowledgement. (प्रख्‍यापन, कथन, घोषणा)
Synonyms: Assertion, Profession, Proclamation, Confession, Declaration
Antonyms: Denial, Disavowal, Repudiation Non Admission
Example: When the immigrant was granted citizenship, he made an avowal of loyalty to his new country.
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