English Vocab

1. Ramification (noun): The possible result of a decision or action: (जटिल परिणाम)
Synonyms: Consequence, Result, Aftermath, Outcome, Effect, Upshot, Issue, Sequel
Antonyms: Cause, Origin, Source, Antecedent, Inception
Example: Have you considered all the ramifications of changing careers at this stage of your life?

2. Incumbent (noun): Person who is holding an official post at a particular time. (पद धारी, पदस्थ व्यक्ति)
Synonyms: Holder, Bearer, Occupant; Office-bearer, Officer, Functionary, Official, Current, Existing, Present, In office, In power, Reigning
Example: Senator Smith, the incumbent, faces a tough fight for re-election next year.

3. Resurrect (verb): Restore (a dead person) to life. (मरे हुए को जीवित करना)
Synonyms: Revive, Restore, Regenerate, Revitalize, Reinvigorate, Renew, Resuscitate, Awaken, Rejuvenate
Antonyms: Kill, Ruin, Destroy, Extinguish, Quench, Suppress
Example:  Almost all Christians believe that Jesus was resurrected from the dead.
Related: Resurrect, Resurrected, Resurrected  

4. Edifice (noun): A system that has been established for a long time/ an impressive building. (संस्थान, प्रभावशाली इमारत)
Synonyms: Development, Premises, Establishment, Building, Structure, Construction, Erection, Pile, Complex, Assembly
Example: It looks as if the whole political edifice of the country is about to collapse.

5. Go all out (idiom): To put all your energy or enthusiasm into what you are doing: (पूरे जोश के साथ प्रयत्न करना)
Synonyms: Try, Strive, Struggle, Strain, Attempt, Endeavour, Work, Exert, Complete, Determined, Exhaustive
 Antonyms: Careless, Cursory, Half-Hearted, Negligent, Off-Hand, Perfunctory, Unenthusiastic 
Example: You'll begoing against a state champion in the next match, so you'll have togo all out if you want to beat her!

6. Stalwart (noun, adjective): A loyal, reliable, and hard-working supporter of or participant in an organization or team. (पक्का समर्थक, निष्टावान)
Synonyms: Staunch, Loyal, Faithful, Committed, Devoted, Dedicated, Dependable, Reliable, Steady, Constant, Trusty
Antonyms: Disloyal, Unfaithful, Unreliable
Example: Let me introduce Bob, one of the club's stalwarts.

7. Inadvertently (adverb): Without knowledge or intention. (अनजाने में किया गया)        
Synonyms: Unknowingly, Unwittingly, Unintentionally, Accidentally, Unpremeditated, Unplanned
Antonyms Advertently, Heedfully, Mindfully Knowingly, Wittingly
 Example: All authors need to be wary of inadvertent copying of other people's ideas.  

8. Paltry (adjective): Very small or meagre. (तुच्छ)
Synonyms: Trifling, Insignificant, Negligible, Inadequate, Insufficient, Scanty, Derisory, Miserable, Puny, Trivial, Niggardly, Beggarly
Antonyms: Considerable, Substantial, Important, Significant, Valuable
Example: The company offered Michael a paltry sum, which he refused.

9. Debilitate (verb): To make someone or something physically weak: (दुर्बल करना)
Synonyms: Enfeebling, Enervating, Wearing, Exhausting, Tiring, Incapacitate
Antonym:  Restorative Strengthen, Invigorate Rejuvenate, Vitalize
Example: Cancer can quickly debilitate an otherwise healthy person
Related: Debilitate, Debilitated, Debilitated

10. Poised (adjective): Showing very calm and controlled behaviour: (शांत चित्त, संयमी)
Synonyms: Cool-headed, Calm, Impassive, Nonchalant, Confident, Self-confident, Dignified, Equable, Imperturbable.
Antonym: Discomposed, Excited, Flustered, Ruffled, Agitated, Annoyed, Irritated
Example: Despite the chaos around her, the flight attendant remained poised and calm as she directed the passengers through the emergency exits.

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