1. Aberration (noun) :
  A change from what is typical or usual, esp. a temporary change. (सामान्य से विचलन)
 Synonyms: Anomaly, Deviation, Divergence, Abnormality, Irregularity, Variation, Digression, Quirk, Oddity, Mistake

Antonyms: Normality, Soundness, Conformity, Regularity, Usualness
Example: The drop in our school’s test scores was dismissed as an aberration.

2. To drive home (idiom) :
 To state something in a very forceful and effective way to lay emphasis. (ज़ोर देना, महत्त्व देना)
Synonyms: Emphasize, Stress, Highlight, Spotlight, Accentuate, Illuminate
Antonyms:  Underemphasize, Understate
Example: The instructor tried to drive home to us the need forsafety precautions before diving.

3. Plausible (adjective) :
 Seeming likely to be true, or able to be believed: (विश्वसनीय लगने वाला, मुमकिन)
Synonyms: Credible, Reasonable, Believable, Likely, Feasible, Probable, Tenable, Possible, Conceivable, Imaginable, Cogent
Antonyms: Unlikely, Improbable, Incredible, Impossible, Unbelievable, Absurd, Preposterous
Example:  When Jason forgot to do his homework, he tried to come up with aplausible excuse his teacher would believe.

4. Frailty (noun):
 The condition of being weak and delicate. (नाज़ुकता, कमजोरी)
Synonyms: Infirmity, Weakness, Feebleness, Debility, Incapacity, Impairment, Indisposition;
Fragility, Delicacy, Puniness; Decrepitude
Antonyms: Robustness, Strength, Vigour, Sturdiness, Virility, Heftiness
Example: My elderly mother is increasingly frail and will soon no longer be able to live independently.

5. Cull (verb):
 Reduce the population of (a wild animal) by selective slaughter./ something separated from a group or lot for not being as good as the others. (संख्या कम करने के लिए मारना/संहार)
Synonyms: Discard, Reject, Rejection, Castaway, Throwaway Jettison, Remove
Antonyms: Retain, Preserve, Save
Example: Farmers are calling for drastic measure to cull the population explosion of rabbits.
Related: Cull, Culled, Culled

6. Bogus (adjective):
 False, not real, or not legal. (फर्जी, नक़ली, जाली)
Synonyms: Fake, Spurious, False, Fraudulent, Sham, Deceptive, Misleading, Pretended; Counterfeit, Forged, Feigned, Simulated
Antonyms: Genuine, Authentic, Bona Fide, Valid, Real
Example: She produced some bogus documents to support her application.

7. Burgeoning (adjective):
 Growing or developing quickly: (तेज़ी से बढ़ना)
Synonyms: Flourish, Prosper, Thrive, Expand, Swell
Antonyms: Contract, Decrease, Diminish, Dwindle, Lessen, Recede, Wane
 Example: A burgeoning tourist industry lifted the state’s economy.

8. Vindicate (verb) :
 To prove that someone is not guilty or is free from blame. (सही या निर्दोष ठहराना, निरपराध सिद्ध करना, साबित कर देना)
Synonyms: Acquit, Clear, Absolve, Exonerate, Exculpate, Discharge, Liberate, Free, Justify
Antonyms: Incriminate, Convict, Blame, Impeach, Indict, Punish, Condemn, Blame, Disprove
Example:  He was vindicated in court and damages of $100,000 were awarded.
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9. Mollify (verb) :
 To make someone less angry or upset, or to make something less severe or more gentle: (शांत करना)
Synonyms: Appease, Placate, Pacify, Conciliate, Propitiate, Allay, Assuage, Alleviate, Mitigate
 Antonym: Aggravate, Provoke, Enrage, Agitate, Exasperate
Example: When the baby started to cry, his mother tried to mollify him with a bottle of milk.
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10. Notorious (adjective):
 Famous or well known, typically for some bad quality or deed. (बदनाम, कुख्यात, गलत काम के लिए प्रसिद्ध)
Synonyms: Infamous, Ill-Famed, Scandalous, Renowned, Disreputable, Famed, Prominent
Antonym: Unknown, Nameless, Anonymous, Unpopular, Prestigious, Honourable, Ethical
 Example: Many tourists avoid the area because it is notorious for crime.

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