English Vocab

1. Bulwark (noun):
 Something that protects you from dangerous or unpleasant situations. (जो बचाव करे)
Synonyms: Defender, Supporter, Prop, Buttress, Mainstay, Bastion, Safeguard, Stronghold, Protector, Guard,
Antonyms: Assail, Assault, Attack
Example: My savings were to be a bulwark against unemployment.

2. Proponent (noun) :
 A  person who speaks publicly in support of a particular idea or plan of action. (समर्थक, अधिवक्ता)
Synonyms:  Advocate, Champion, Supporter, Backer, Promoter, Protagonist, Campaigner, Booster, Cheerleader  
Antonyms: Adversary, Antagonist, Opponent Belittler, Critic, Faultfinder, Detractor
Example: He is one of the leading proponents of capital punishment.

3. Accord (verb):
 To treat someone specially, usually by showing respect. (प्रदान करना)   
Synonyms: Give, Grant, Tender, Present, Award, Vouchsafe, Concede, Yield, Bestow, Render
Antonyms: Withhold, Remove, Retain
Example: The massed crowds of supporters accorded him a hero's welcome.

4. Vague (adjective):
 Not clearly expressed, known, described, or decided: (अस्पष्ट, अनिश्चित)
Synonyms: Precise, Unclear, Ambiguous, Murky, Nebulous, Obscure, Amorphous, Muddle, Obfuscate
Antonyms: Precise, Clear Explicit, Specific, Pellucid
Example: I do have a vague memory of meeting her many years ago.
Related word: Vagueness (noun), Vaguely(adv)

5. Grudging (adjective):
 done, given, or allowed unwillingly, reluctantly, or sparingly. (अनिच्छा प्रकट करना)
Synonyms: Quantity, Measure, Portion, Share
Example: They grudgingly agreed to allow him to continue working.
Related Forms: grudge (noun), grudgingly(adv)

6. Camaraderie (noun):
 Mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together. (सौहार्द, साझापन, मित्रता)
Synonyms: Friendship, Comradeship, Fellowship, Conviviality, Brotherhood, Affinity, Solidarity, Sociability, Comradery esprit de corps
Antonyms: Enmity, Gloom, Bad-Blood, Dislike, Hate
Example: Because of the camaraderie they shared, the soldiers trusted each other with their lives.
Related Forms: Camaraderies (plural)

7. To carry through (phrasal verb):
 to bring to a successful end; to complete: (सफलतापूर्वक संपन्न करना):
Synonyms: Fulfill, Accomplish, Execute, Perform, Achieve, Persist
Antonyms: Fail, Unsuccessful, Bite the dust,
Example: The championship game was so intense that I really had to rely on my mental toughness to carry me through.

8. Out of touch (idiom):
  To no longer have recent knowledge or information about something. (जानकारी की कमी होना)
Synonyms: Ignorant, Insensible, Oblivious, Unaware, Unfamiliar With, Unknowledgeable 
Antonyms:  Informed, Enlightened, Knowledgeable, Learned, Expert, Acquainted 
Example: I couldn't go back into mechanics because I've been out of touch for too long.

9. Diaspora (noun):
 The spreading of people from one original country to other countries. (फैलाव)  
Synonyms: Dispersion, Distribution, Scaterring, Diffusion, Dissemination. Breakup, Dissolution, Disunion, Separation, Split.
Antonym:  Concentration.  Assembly, Collection, Gathering.
Example: When war broke out in their home country, a diaspora of refugees settled in a neighboring nation.
Related word: diaspore, diasporic (adj)

10. Disapprobation (noun):
 Strong disapproval, typically on moral grounds. (नापसंदगी)
Synonyms: Disapproval, Dissatisfaction, Displeasure, Objection, Deprecation, Condemnation
Antonym: Approval, Admiration, Acceptance
Example: I lied about my failing grades because I did not want to experience my parents’ disapprobation.

Related word: Disapprobatory (adj), Disapprobative (adj)
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