English Vocab

1. Garner (verb): To collect something, usually after much work or with difficulty: (इकट्ठा करना)
Synonyms: Gather, Collect, Accumulate, Amass, Assemble, Store Hoard, Stockpile, Reserve, Save, Preserve.
Antonyms: Spread Dissipate, Distribute Disperse Scatter Dispel

Example: The film was critically well-received,but did not garner significant attention or audiences.
Related: Garner, Garnered, Garnered

2. Perilous (adjective) : Full of danger or risk. (जोखिमपूर्ण) 
Synonyms: Dangerous, Fraught with Danger, Hazardous, Risky, Unsafe, Treacherous,
Precarious, Vulnerable Insecure
Antonyms: Harmless, Innocent, Innocuous, Nonhazardous, Nonthreatening, Safe, Unthreatening
Example: You should avoid driving during the snowstorm because the icy roads areperilous

3. Ammunition (noun): Information used to attack someone or to support an argument/ or bullets or bombs. (किसी पर आक्रमण का जरिया, हथियार, गोलाबारूद)
Synonyms: Arguments, Material, Information, Evidence, Facts, Data, Armaments, Ammo, Bullets, Shells, Projectiles, Missiles, Rounds, Shot, Slugs, Cartridges, Munitions,
Example: The president’s endorsement of the crime bill has deprived his opponents ofammunition to paint him as soft on crime.

4. In the eleventh hour (idiom): The latest possible time before it is too late. (आखरी पलों में कार्य करना)
Synonyms: Without a minute to spare, Just in the nick of time, Under the wire, In the nick of time, Just in time
Example: Just minutes before the deadline, he definitely submitted his assignment atthe eleventh hour.

5. Conspicuous (adjective): Easily seen or noticed; readily observable. (स्पष्ट)
Synonyms: Prominent, Noticeable, Striking, Noticeable, Observable, Discernible, Perceptible, Perceivable, Detectable
 Antonyms: Obscure, Unobtrusive, Concealed, Hidden, Unnoticeable, Imperceptible
Example: He was very thin, with a conspicuous Adam's apple.

6. Recalcitrant (noun): Having an obstinately uncooperative attitude towards authority or discipline. (आज्ञा न माननेवाला)
Synonyms: Uncooperative, Intractable, Obstreperous, Truculent, Insubordinate, Defiant, Rebellious, Willful, Wayward, Headstrong, Froward, Contumacious
Antonyms: Compliant, Amenable, Obedient, Submissive, Yielding, Docile
Example: Despite being offered treats by his parents, the little boy was stillrecalcitrant about doing his homework.

7. Shenanigan (noun): Secret or dishonest activity or manoeuvring. (धोखाधड़ी)
Synonyms: Mischief, Trickery, Antics, Chicanery
Antonyms: Virtues, Fairness, Forthrightness, Truthfulness, Uprightness
Example: More business/political shenanigans were exposed in the newspapers today.
8. Overhaul (verb): To repair or improve something so that every part of it works as it should: (मरम्मत करना, सुधार करना, जांच करना)
Synonyms: Repair, Mend, Revamp, Maintain, Recondition, Refurbish
Antonyms: Break Damage Destroy Hurt Ruin Raze
Example: They repaired and maintained aircraft and overhauled their engines
Related: Overhaul, Overhauled, Overhauled

9. Avocation (noun) : A hobby or minor occupation. (धन्धा, उप-व्यवसाय)
Synonyms: Hobby, Hobbyhorse, Pursuit, Recreation, Pastime, Amusement
Antonym: Profession, Work, Boredom
Example: She's a real-estate developer who describes her consultancy business as “a part-time avocation.”
Related: Resuscitate, Resuscitated, Resuscitated, Resuscitating

10. Chasm (noun): A deep opening in earth or rock: (खाई, दरार, गड्ढा)
Synonyms: Gorge, Abyss, Canyon, Ravine, Gully, Gulf, Pass, Gap
Antonym: Junction, Closure, Connection
 Example: The little bridge over that deep chasm looked very unsafe.

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