English Vocab

1. Dichotomy (noun): A division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely
different. (विरोधाभास)
Synonyms: Division, Separation,I Ncongruity Split, Gulf, Chasm
Antonyms: Alikeness, Resemblance, Similarity
Example: A rigid dichotomy between science and mysticism
2. Evocation (noun) : The act of bringing or recalling a feeling, memory, or image to the conscious mind. (याद दिलानेवाला)
Synonyms:  Elicitation,  Induction, Mental Imagery           
Antonyms: Particularity, Detail
Example: Yet this mere ghost of a picture, this evocation, half vanished as it was, by a great world-genius of a mighty spiritual world-event, remained a thing indescribably impressive.
3. Exhortation (noun): An address or communication emphatically urging someone to   do something. (प्रबोधन) 
Synonyms: Urging, Encouragement, Persuasion, Pressure
Antonyms: Dissuasion, Compulsion, Coercion, Arbitration
Example: All the Masons sat down in their places, and one of them read anexhortation on the necessity of humility.
4. Cobble (verb) : Roughly assemble or produce something from available parts or elements. (पैवंद लगाना)
Synonyms: Scribble, Improvise, Devise, Contrive,
Antonyms: Break ,Demolish, Destroy, Divide
Example: Expensive leather shoes cobbled in Italy
Related: Cobble., Cobbled
5. Inexorable (adjective) : Impossible to stop or prevent. (निष्ठुर)     
Synonyms: Unavoidable, Inescapable, Inevitable, Irrevocable
Antonyms : Flexible, Lenient, Remorseful, Yielding
Example : But China’s seemingly inexorable drive toward electric cars changed that attitude.
6. Coevality (noun): Originating or existing during the same period. (समकालीनता)
Synonyms: Simultaneous, Coincidence, Concurrence, Contemporary
 Antonyms: Asynchronous, Noncontemporary, Nonsimultaneous, Nonsynchronous
Example: It’s impossible for me to attend both of my children’s events because they are coeval and occurring at the same time.
7. Valorise (verb): To decide the value of goods, resources, etc. (मूल्य का अंकीकरण)
Synonyms: Assess, Determine, Adjudge, Compute
Example: People earmark and valorize money differently, depending on how it is acquired.
Related: Valorise, Valorised
8. Usher (verb): Show someone where they should go, often by going with them. (उपशिक्षक, प्रवेशक, भेंट कराने वाला)
Synonyms: Guide, Marshal, Pilot, Lead, Steer
 Antonyms: Follow, Stop, Cease, Tail
Example: After poking around for a few minutes, my sister and I asked an usher to help us find two seats in the dark theatre
9. Pompous-(adjective): Characterized by an ostentatious display of dignity or importance.
Synonym: Bombastic, Grandiloquent, Magniloquent, , Portentous, , Boasting,  Braggart
Antonym: Modest, Humble, Self-Effacing
Examples:The millionaire was a pompous man who believed he should never wait in line for anything.
 10. Incorrigible (adjective: Not able to be changed or reformed: )  (जिसका सुधार न हो सके)
Synonyms:  Inveterate, Intractable, Habitual, Hardened
Antonyms: Curable, Reformable, Remediable, Retrievable
Example : Even after spending a year in jail, the young man remains incorrigible and unafraid of the law
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