English Vocab

1. Spoof (noun): A funny and silly piece of writing, music, theatre, etc. that copies the style of an original work: (किसी के काम की हास्यजनक नक़ल)

Synonyms: Parody, Travesty, Lampoon, Imitation, Pastiche, Deride
Example: When I heard the spoof of the love song, I could not stop laughing.
2. Doing the rounds (idiom): To be passed from one person to another person and become widely known. (किसी खबर का फैलना)
Synonyms: Disseminated, Distributed, Passed, Circulated, Promulgate
Antonyms: Restrict, Confine, Bound, Circumscribe
Example: Rumours about his resigning as CEO were doing the rounds.
3. Sacrosanct (adjective): Not to be violated, criticized, or tampered with. (अनुल्लंघनीय, पवित्र, जिसकी आलोचना ना हो सके)
Synonyms: Inviolable, Sacred, Consecrated, Venerated,
Antonyms: Sacrilege, Profane, Blasphemy, Impiety
Example: The teacher's book of grades is sacrosanct, and someone could be expelled for changing anything in it.
4. Wring (verb) : To squeeze or twist especially so as to make dry or to extract moisture or liquid. (निचोडना, मरोड़ना)
Synonyms: Wrench, Extract, Extort, Wrest
Antonyms: Wedge, Cram, Implant, Insert
Example:  After years of trying to wring a decent profit out of the business, he is finally giving up.
Related: Wring, Wrung
5.Subvert (verb): To try to destroy or damage something, especially an established political system: (पलट देना, ध्वंस करना, व्‍यवस्‍था भंग करना)
Synonyms: Sabotage, Debase, Vitiate, Overthrow, Destroy
Antonym: Enhance, Improve, Mend, Meliorate
Example: My stepmother is slowly changing things in our house in an attempt tosubvert my mother’s traditions
6. Propriety (adjective): The state or quality of being correct and proper. (सुचरित्र व्यवहार)
Synonyms: Rectitude, Civility, Prudence, Probity, Morality
Antonyms: Vulgarity, Indiscreetness, Depravity, Coarseness
Example: After Harold wore a clown suit to his cousin’s funeral, we had to question his sense of propriety
7. Esoteric (adjective): Intended for or understood by only a few people who have special knowledge: (गुप्त, जो सिर्फ कुछ ही लोगों को समझ आये)
Synonyms: Secret, Occult, Arcane, Mysterious, Abstruse, Perplexing
Antonyms: Exoteric, Common, Obvious, Familiar
Example: The medical research was so esoteric that only a few physicians could actually understand the results.
8. Hapless (adjective): Unlucky and unfortunate: (बदकिस्मत, दुखिया)
Synonyms: Miserable, Luckless, Wretched, Jinxed
Antonyms: Happy, Propitious, Auspicious, Favourable
Example: When Jason lost his wife and job on the same day, he knew he was a haplesssoul.
9. Vicious (adjective): Deliberately cruel or violent. (निर्दयी और हिंसात्मक)
Synonyms: Malevolent, Spiteful, Wicked, Barbarous, Bestial
Antonyms: Benevolent, Clement, Tender, Merciful
Example: Mark is a vicious person who will spends years plotting how to take revenge on people that hurt him in any way.
10. Lament (verb): To express sadness and feeling sorry about something: (शोक प्रकट करना, दुख मनाना)
Synonyms: Bemoan, Deplore, Grieve, Mourn
Antonyms: Exult, Laud, Jubilate, Revel
Example: My grandmother, as usual, lamented the decline in moral standards in today's society.
 Related forms: Lament, Lamented
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