English Vocab

1. Ardent (adjective): Showing strong feelings. (उत्साही)
Synonyms:  Zealous, Fervent, Passionate, Avid, Vehement
Antonyms: Lukewarm, Frigid, Reserved, Impassive, Stoic
Example: When the rock star checks his mail, he almost always finds one or two bizarre gifts from some of his ardent fans.

2. Dwindle (verb): Diminish gradually in size, amount, or strength. (कमी होना, घटना)
Synonyms:  Abate, Plummet, Wane, Taper
Antonyms: Aggrandize, Augment, Amplify, Burgeon
Example: We have seen our natural resources dwindle in all areas of the world, and it is time for an international effort to do something about it.
Related: Dwindle, Dwindled, Dwindled

3. Take to the streets (idiom): To rampage or riot. (दंगा करना, विरोध करना)
Synonyms: Protest, Rebel, Revolt, Fight
Antonyms: Cooperate, Comply, Agree, Obey
Example: Common man took to the streets when their hard earned money was embezzled in scams by the ministers.       

4. Oppressive (adjective): Unreasonably burdensome or severe. (अत्याचारी, उत्पीड़क, सताने वाला)
Synonyms:  Tyrannical, Despotic, Stifling, Austere
Antonyms: Gentle, Humane, Hospitable, Snug
Example The oppressive laws in some countries do not allow females to attend school.

5. Forsake (verb): To leave forever or to give up completely: (त्यागना, छोड़ देना)
Synonyms:  Abandon, Desert, Relinquish, Disown, Maroon
Antonyms: Reclaim, Harbour, Redeem,  Retain
Example: To save my parents money, I decided to forsake my plans for a large wedding ceremony.
Related: Forsake, Forsook, Forsaken

6. Prudent (adjective): Careful and avoiding risks: (विवेकी, समझदार)
Synonyms: Circumspect, Frugal, Sagacious, Cautious, Provident
Antonyms: Unwise, Extravagant, Incautious, Inexpedient
Example: It's always prudent to read a contract carefully before signing it..

7. Fall in line (idiom): To follow the rules and behave according to expected standards of behaviour: ( पालन करना)
Synonyms: Adhere, Conform, Follow, Hew
Example: Teachers are expected to fall in line with the new regulations.

8. Defiant (adjective): Refusing to obey someone. (अवज्ञापूर्ण)
Synonyms: Recalcitrant, Contumacious, Insolent, Ungovernable
Antonyms: Amenable, Conformable, Docile, Obedient, Tractable
Example: The prisoner was defiant and refused to go back into his cell

9. Implicit (adjective): Suggested though not directly expressed. (अव्यक्त)
Synonyms: Tacit, Implied, Inherent, Unsaid, Inferred
Antonyms: Explicit, Stated, Unequivocal, Unambiguous
Example: The handshake between the two men was their implicit agreement to the terms of the contract.

10. Forge (verb): Create (something) strong, enduring, or successful. (तैयार करना, बनाना)
Synonyms:  Build, Construct, Form, Create, Establish
Antonyms: Destroy, Dismantle, Demolish, Wreck
Example The Prime Minister is determined to forge a good relationship with America's new leader.

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