EDITORIAL : 29-06-2018 : The power of cool: Going beyond 24° c

The government has advised(विचारपूर्ण/सलाह दी)manufacturers of air conditioners to set the default temperature on their machines at 24° C. India is projected to have an air conditioning load of at least 200 gigawatts by 2030. Therefore, an initiative(पहल/प्रेरणा) to rein(नियंत्रण/
अधिकार) in the energy spent on cooling makes eminent(प्रख्यात/विशिष्ट) sense. The current move is only the beginning of a sensible campaign(अभियान/मुहिम), however. Whatever the default setting, it just takes the flick (झटका/चलचित्र) of a button on the remote for consumers to change their AC temperature. Rather than manufacturers of ACs, the object of the energy conservation(सुरक्षा/स्थिरता) campaign must be the consumer. And, more pertinently(उपयुक्‍तता से), building codes and, yes, dress codes.
Apoorly(अपर्याप्त ) insulated(अछूता/विद्युत-रोधित) building will consume more power to maintain the temperature at 24° C than a well-insulated one. The GRIHA rating of energy efficiency(क्षमता/कार्य कुशलता)for buildings takes into account process, as well as structure, the target of LEED green rating. Homegrown GRIHA must be popularised(लोकप्रिय बनाया/प्रचलित करना) and find its way into building codes. Using direct-current motors for AC compressors can save energy when ACs run on solar power. Assorted(विभिन्न/चयनित)technologies exist to make use of waste heat for cooling. These must be incentivised(प्रोत्साहित). One reason for the sick building syndrome is that cost-conscious building maintenance merely(केवल/सादे तौर पर) recycles(पुनरावृत्ति करना) the same air within a building, instead(बजाय/जगह में) of taking in fresh air from the open and cooling it, while expelling(निष्कासित/ख़ारिज करना) the stale(पुराना/घिसा-पिटा), albeit(यद्यपि/हालांकि) cool, air inside(के भीतर।/अंदर) . Once heat exchange mechanisms are deployed(खोल देना/प्रसारित करना, employee health and productivity(उत्पादकता) can be boosted(बढावा देना/प्रोत्साहित करना) , while still holding costs down.
If certain(कुछ/निश्चित) unfortunate(दुर्भाग्य/खेदजनक) office dress codes ordain jackets and suits, we end up with a lot of stuffy(भरा हुआ) employees — despite (के बावजूद/विरोध)loosened collars at 24° C. Uniformly light attire(पोशाक/पहनावा) should be deemed formal

Important Vocabulary
Synonyms: curb, bit, brake, bridle, check, deterrent
Antonyms: release
Synonyms: care, conservancy, control, maintenance, management
Antonyms: ignorance, neglect, negligence, destruction, spending
Synonyms: big-name, distinguished, esteemed, famed, high-ranking
Antonyms: common, inconspicuous, inferior, insignificant, obscure
4.Pertinently(उपयुक्‍तता से)
Synonyms: timely, appropriately, aptly, opportunely, pertinently
Antonyms: inappropriately, irrelevantly, unsuitably
5.Efficiency(क्षमता/कार्य कुशलता)
Synonyms: ability, adaptability, capability, competence, energy
Antonyms: idleness, ignorance, impotence, inability, inadequacy
Synonyms: musty, smelly, sour, stagnant, watery
Antonyms: damp, moist, wet, current, fresh
Synonyms: convinced, positive, sure, assertive, assured
Antonyms: doubtful, indefinite, uncertain, unsure, doubting
8.expelling(निष्कासित/ख़ारिज करना)
Synonyms: dislodge, drive out, evacuate, remove, belch
Antonyms: absorb, admit, allow, permit, take in
9.deployed(खोल देना/प्रसारित करना
Synonyms: expand, open, set up, use, arrange
Antonyms: conclude, end, finish, conceal, disarrange
10.boosted(बढावा देना/प्रोत्साहित करना)
Synonyms: advance, encourage, promote, push, support
Antonyms: discourage, dissuade, halt, stop, condemn

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