English Vocab

1.    Imbroglio (noun):
An unwanted, difficult, and confusing situation, full of trouble and problems: (उलझन, गड़बड़, गपला)
Synonyms: Quandary. Dilemma, Entanglement, Muddle, Predicament

Antonyms: Simplicity, Ease, Clarity, Plainness, Harmony
Example: The hostages found themselves in an imbroglio when the two kidnappers began to fight.

2.    Stifle (verb):
 To prevent something from happening, being expressed, or continuing: (दबाना)
Synonyms:  Repress, Inhibit, Restrain, Choke, Refrain, Smother
Antonyms: Allow, Release, Encourage, Unmuffle
Example:  It is the responsibility of schools to encourage learning, not to stifle it.
Related: Stifle, Stifled

3.    Fleeting (adjective):
Lasting for a very short time. (क्षणिक, शीघ्र व्यतीत होनेवाला)
Synonyms: Fugitive, Ephemeral, Transient, Evanescent, Cursory.
Antonyms: Endless, Eternal, Everlasting, Immortal, Permanent, Perpetual
Example: ‘For a moment, Ann caught a fleeting glimpse of a falling star.

4.    Preponderance (noun) :
 The fact or state of being above others in rank or importance. (प्रधानता, प्राबल्य)
Synonyms: Dominance, Preeminence, Superiority, Supremacy, Transcendence
Antonyms:  Subservience, Subordination, Inferiority, Minority 
Example:  Not since Rome in its glory days had a nation enjoyed such overwhelming military preponderance.

5.    Scoff (verb):
 Speak to someone or about something in a scornfully derisive or mocking way. (उपहास करना, हँसी उड़ाना)
Synonyms: Jeer, Gibe, Ridicule, Sneer, Scorn
Antonym: Praise, Flatter, Commend, Compliment
Example:  Sometimes people will scoff at your ideas simply because they did not come up with the ideas first.
Related: Scoff, Scoffed

6.    Deterrence (noun):
The action of discouraging an action or event through instilling doubt or fear of the consequences. (अवरोध, निवारण)
Synonyms: Hindrance, Obstruction, Dissuasion, Prevention, Preclusion
Antonyms: Inducement, Incentive, Motivator, Encouragement
Example: The goal here is to provide a strong deterrence against the production spread and use of chemical weapons.

7.    Conducive (adjective)
 Providing the right conditions for something good to happen or exist: (सहायक)
Synonym: Facilitative, Favourable, Advantageous, Beneficial, Propitious
Antonym: Damaging, Deleterious, Disadvantageous, Injurious, Unfavorable
 Example:  A quiet room is a more conducive atmosphere for studying.

8.    Contour (noun):
 An outline representing or bounding the shape or form of something. (रूपरेखा, आकृति)
Synonyms: Shape, Outline, Silhouette, Figure
Example: The map shows the contour of the coastline.

9.    Intriguingly (adverb):
In a manner that arouses one's curiosity or interest. (दिलचस्प रूप से, मोहक तरीके से)
Synonyms: Fascinatingly, Appealingly, Alluringly, Tittilatingly, Captivatingly
Antonyms: Tediously, Boringly, Monotonously, Drab, Uninterestingly
Example: The film begins intriguingly with the barren autumnal landscape of New York’

10. Repugnance (noun):
 A feeling of strong dislike or disgust: (घृणा)
Synonyms: Loathing, Revulsion, Abhorrence, Aversion
Antonyms: Fondness, Predilection, Propensity, Penchant
Example: After taking a big bite of the carrots, the baby showed his repugnance by spitting out his mouthful.

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