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English Vocab

1. Breach (Noun): A failure to uphold the requirements of law, duty, or obligation. (उल्लंघनविच्छेद)
Synonyms: Contravention, Infraction, Infringement, Transgression, Trespass, Violation
Antonyms: Observance, Upholding, Comply, Obedience
Example: The judge ruled that the doctor's actions were in breach of her contractual duty.
2. Cripple (verb): To cause severe or permanent injury to. (अपंगविकलांग बनाना)

Synonyms: Disable, Paralyse, Immobilize, Makelame, Lame, Incapacitate, Debilitate, Handicap;
Antonyms:  Heal, Rehabilitate, Patch, Rejuvenate, Renew, Repair,
Example: developing countries are crippled by their debts.
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3. Panoply (Noun) : An extensive or impressive collection. (सरणीसंग्रह)
Synonyms : Array, Range, Collection, Show
Antonyms :  Concealment, Cover, Ordinariness, Hiding.
Example : A deliciously inventive panoply of insults.
 4. Dismal (Adjective) : Causing a mood of gloom or depression. (निराशाजनकअप्रसन्न)
Synonyms : Depressing, Mournful, Dreadful, Terrible.
Antonyms  : Excellent, Cheerful, Bright, Encouraging.
Example : “He shuddered as he watched his team's dismal performance.

5. Flout (Verb) : Openly disregard (a rule, law, or convention). (अनादर करनाआक्षेपकरना)
Synonyms :  Scorn, Contravene, Scoff, Gibe, Fleer.
Antonyms  : Approve, Obey, Respect, Commend.
Example : The advertising code is being flouted

6. Repercussions (Noun) : The power to bring about a result on another. (प्रतिप्रभाव)
Synonyms : Impact, Consequences, Influence, Results
Antonyms : Causes, Impotence , Weakness, Powerlessness
Example : Your decision not to go to college will have repercussions you'll feel for years to come.
7. Articulate (Adjective) : Able to express oneself clearly and well. (स्पष्टगाँठदार)
Synonyms : Eloquent, Fluent, Persuasive, Expressive
Antonyms : Inarticulate, Unclear, Incoherent, Speechless
Example : The television crew covering the science fair were looking for photogenic and articulate students to explain their projects on the air.
8. Theology (Noun): Religious beliefs and theory when systematically developed. (धर्मशास्र) 
Synonyms : Divinity, Faith, Belief, Scripture
Antonyms : Scepticism, Disbelief, Doubt
Example : In Christian theology, God comes to be conceived as Father and Son.

9. Peril (Noun) : The risks or difficulties that arise from a particular situation or activity. (ख़तराजोखिम)
Synonyms : Hazard, Jeopardy, Danger, Risk, Threat
Antonyms : Security, Protection, Immunity, Invulnerability.
Example : She first witnessed the perils of pop stardom a decade ago

10. Tremendous (Adjective) : Very great in amount, scale, or intensity. (अति दारूण,अतिबृहत)
Synonyms : Enormous, Immense, Colossal, Vast
Antonyms : Tiny, Insignificant, Small, Diminutive
Example : That's a tremendous amount of work for one person.
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