English Vocab

1.Aesthetic (adjective): Concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty. (सौंदर्यबोधक, सौंदर्य विषयक)
Synonyms: Exquisite, Dainty, Ornamental, Comely, Resplendent, Pulchritude
Antonyms: Abhorrent, Grotesque, Hideous, Homely, Ugly
Example: to many plant lovers, the aesthetic view of a rose is priceless
 2. Precision (noun): The quality, condition, or fact of being exact and accurate. (सटीकता, यथार्थता, शुद्धता)
Synonyms: Nicety, Rigour, Determinacy, Meticulousness, Subtlety

Antonyms: Coarseness, Approximation, Vagueness, Indefiniteness
Example:  In golf, you must have extreme precision, as you are ultimately trying to land a rather small ball into an equally small hole.
3. Integrity (adjective): (ईमानदारी, सच्चाई): the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.
Synonyms: Uprightness, Probity, Virtue, Rectitude,
Antonyms: Impropriety, Immorality, Depravity, Iniquity
Example: Because the politician was considered a man of integrity, most of the people voted for him in the last election.
4. Garble (noun) : To mix up (signal or message) or distort to such an extent as to make misleading or incomprehensible. (तोड़ना-मरोड़ना)
Synonyms: Distort, Twist, Muddle, Obscure, Warp
Antonyms: Clarify, Unscramble, Decipher, Translate
Example: Until the toddler is able to speak properly, he will garble most of his words
Related: Garble, Garbled
5. Blueprint (noun): An early plan or design that explains how something might be achieved. (मूल योजना)
Synonyms:  Draft, Layout, Scheme, Prototype, Design
Example: Needing a blueprint for their new home, the couple hired an architectural engineer
 6. Dwell (verb) : To live or stay in a place or in a particular way. (रहना, बसना)
Synonyms: Inhabit, Lodge, Reside, Domiciled
Antonyms: Depart, Vamoose, Leave, Move
Example: The ancient Greek gods were believed to dwell on Mount Olympus
Related: Dwell, Dwelled
7. Verve (noun): Great energy and enthusiasm: (जोश, चुस्ती, उत्साह)
Synonyms: Vivacity, Vim, Vigour, Ebullience, Exuberant
Antonyms: Enervation, Lethargy, Prostration, Torpidity
Example: The actor plays the part of the superhero with tremendous verve and obvious enjoyment.
8. Putative (adjective): Generally regarded as such; supposed. (माना हुआ, ख़याली)
Synonyms: Presumed, Prima Facie, Assumed, Apparent
Antonyms: Hidden, Inapparent, Confirmed, Verified, Validated
Example: The putative reason for her dismissal was poor job performance.
 9. Imponderable (adjective): Something that cannot be guessed or calculated because it is completely unknown. (जिसका अनुमान ना लगाया जा सके)
Synonyms: Mystery, Uncertain, Puzzle, Enigma
Antonyms: Known, Explicable, Interpretable, Understandable
 Example: I focused on the imponderable math problem for several hours before I realized that it was unsolvable.
10. Imperil (verb): To put something or someone at risk or in danger of being harmed or destroyed. (संकट में डालना)
Synonyms:  Jeopardize, Endanger, Menace, Peril
Antonyms: Protect, Shelter, Shield, Preserve
Example: A single mistake could imperil the lives of everyone involved in the military operation
 Related forms: Imperil, Imperilled

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