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English Vocab

1. Remunerative  (adjective):Paying a lot of money. (लाभदायक, मुनाफ़ेवाला)
Synonyms: Rewarding, Profitable, Lucrative, Bankable, Worthwhile
AntonymsUnpaidUnfavourable, Unprofitable, Disadvantageous
Example: Because Ann really loves money, she will not date a man unless he has aremunerative job
2. Fallibility (noun): The tendency to make mistakes or be wrong. ( त्रुटिपूर्ण, अशुद्ध)

Synonyms:  Errancy, Imperfection, Fault , Unreliable
Antonyms: Perfect, Reliable, Unerring, Correct
Example:  The crime-solving techniques of a couple of decades ago were much morefallible than today’s methods.
3. Indebted (adjective): Grateful to someone because of help that person has given you: (ऋणी होनाआभारी होनाकर्जदार)
Synonyms: Obliged, Beholden, Grateful, Gratitude
Antonyms: Critical, Overlook, Disregard
Example: I will be for ever indebted to people in those roles who encouraged me and who have taken an interest in improving my life. 
4. Subvention (noun) The provision of assistance or financial support( by govt. or company) (आर्थिक सहायता)
Synonyms:  Grant, Annuity, Assistance, , Endowment, Appropriation
Example:  The association is funded by an annual subvention from the government.
5. Cumulative (adjective): Increasing by one addition after another: संचयी,  इकठ्ठाहोनेवाला)
Synonyms:  Accumulative, Additive, Conglomerative, Incremental
Antonyms: Regressive, Decrement, Retrograding, Receding
Example: Skin cancer can becaused by the cumulative effect of years of exposure to the sun.
6. Waiver (noun) : Aagreement that you do not have to pay or obey something: (छूट,त्याग)
SynonymsRelinquishment, Renunciation, DisclaimerForswear, Remission, Abdication
Antonyms: Approval, Agreement, Permission, Allowance
Example: The college got a special waiver from the municipality  to exceed the building height limit.
7. Augmentation (noun): The action or process of making or becoming greater in size or amount. (वृद्धि, बढ़त)
Synonyms: Accretion, Increment, , Addendum, Proliferation
Antonyms: Abatement , Diminution , Decrement, Demotion
Example: For the  augmentation  of attendance at basketball games, the league is giving away free tickets each month.
8. Sluggish (adjective) : Movingacting, or working with less than usual speed or energy: (सुस्त, मंदगति)
Synonyms: Dallying, Dawdling Creeping, Languid,Tardy.
AntonymsExpeditious, Active, Vivacious, Kinetic
Example: After staying up all night, the tired teenager was sluggish when morning arrived..
9. Rebate (noun): Money that is returned to you after you pay for goods or services.(बट्टा, घटौती, छूट)
Synonyms: Discount, Deduction, Refund, Abatement , Concession
Antonyms: Surcharge, Escalation, Increase
ExampleYou will be entitled to a 20 per cent rebate off each standard fare.
10. Harbour (verb)Keep (a thought or feeling, typically a negative one) in one's mind, especially secretly. (मन में रखे रहना)
Synonyms:  Bear, Cherish, Nurse, Hold
Antonyms: Ignore, Neglect, Overlook, Forsake
Example : He still harbours deep feelings of resentment toward his former employer, who high- handedly fired him without cause
Related forms: Harbour, Harboured, Harboured
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