English Vocab

1.Uncanny  (adjective): Strange or mysteriousdifficult or impossible to explain:(अद्भुत, हैरतंगेज)
Synonyms: Transcendent, Abnormal, Unearthly, Exceptional, Extraordinary 
Antonyms: Ordinary, Normal, Unremarkable, Customary
Example: My best friend Angela has the uncanny ability to know my thoughts before I speak.
2. Retaliate (verb): Make a counterattack and return like for like, especially evil for evil. (हमले या नुकसान का जवाब देना, प्रतिकार करना)
Synonyms:  Retort, Avenge, Requite, Reciprocate

Antonyms: Sympathize, Pardon, Remit, Forgive
Example: He retaliated his neighbor's malicious destruction of his flower garden by cutting down the man's prize apple tree.
Related: Retaliate, Retaliated, Retaliated
3. Drop in (phrasal verb): To pay an unexpected or casual visit. (मुलाक़त करना)
SynonymsMeet, VisitRendezvous, Tryst, Sojourn
Example The prime minister will drop in at the disaster area.        
4. Clear the air (idiom): To discuss a problem or difficult situation with someone in order to make it better(मतभेदों को सुलझाना)
Synonyms:  Elucidate, Conciliation, Harmonize, Resolve
Example We had a big argument, but I guess it helped clear the air between us.
5. Fester (verb): To become infected, rotten or become worse. (सड़ना)
Synonyms:  Suppurate, Rankle, Decay, Putrefy, Decompose
Antonyms: Flourish, Heal, Improve, Ameliorate
Example: Without treatment and rest, my sprained ankle has continued to fester and is now black and blue in color. 
Related: Fester, Festered, Festered
6. Queer (adjective): Strange; not usual. (अजीब, विचित्र, असामान्य)
Synonyms: Eccentric, Peculiar, Uncanny, Outlandish, Unconventional
Antonyms: Normal, Ordinary, Conventional, Regular
Example: Strangeville is a queer little town, filled with people who walk backwards and wear their clothing inside out
7. Exile (noun):The condition of someone being sent or kept away from theirowncountryvillage, etc., especially for political reasons: (देश-निष्कासन, निर्वासन)
Synonyms: Expatriation, Deportation, Banishment, Expulsion, Ostracism
Antonym: Repatriate, Welcome, Return, Immigration
Example: The military leader was forced into exile and spent his final days on a small island.
8. Scepticism (noun) : Doubting that something is true or useful: (संदेहवाद, अविश्‍वास,संशयात्मकता)
Synonyms: Incredulity, Suspicion, Cynicism, Agnosticism
AntonymsConviction, Belief, Certainty, Trust
Example: The company's environmental claims have been treated with scepticism by conservationists.
9. Infiltration (noun): The act of  secretly becoming part of a group in order to getinformation or to influence the way that group thinks or behaves(घुसपैठ करना, छुपकरघुसना)
Synonyms: Penetration, Percolation, Intrusion, Infringement, Permeation
Antonyms: Evacuation, Departure, Withdrawal
Example: The army fenced parts of the border in an effort to stop militant infiltration.
10. Cast a shadow (idiom)To fill a place with sadness, grief, dread, or any strong negative emotion. (उदासी और निराशा भरना)
Synonyms:  Disappoint, Discourage, Demoralize, Disillusion
Antonyms: Optimistic, Hopeful, Positive, Cheerful
Example: The child's sudden death cast a dark shadow over the house.
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