English Vocab

1. Pervasive (adjective): Present or noticeable in every part of a thing or place: (दूर तक फैला हुआ)

Synonyms: Prevalent, Widespread, General, Common, Ubiquitous
Antonyms: Rare, Scarce, Localised, Limited, Narrow, Uncommon
Example: Agriculture is less pervasive in the mountains than in other regions.
2. Astute (adjective): Able to understand a situation quickly and see how to take advantage of it: (चतुर)
Synonyms:  Shrewd, Clever, Crafty, Intelligent, Canny, Intuitive, Perceptive, Insightful, Perspicacious, Sagacious
Antonyms: Stupid, Foolish, Inept, Imbecile, Naive
Example: The astute businessman was able to quickly assess the market and make the best buying decision.
3. Reconnaissance (noun): The process of obtaining information about enemy forces or positions by sending out small groups of soldiers or by using aircraft. (पूर्व-परीक्षण)
Synonyms: Survey, Exploration, Observation, Investigation, Examination, Inspection, Patrol, Search, Reconnoitre
Antonyms: Abstention, Idleness, Laziness, Indecision, Disregard, Ignorance.
Example: Aerial reconnaissance showed the location of the enemy’s tanks...
4. Prostrate (verb): Reduce (someone) to extreme physical weakness. (थकाना, शक्तिहीन करना)
Synonyms: Debilitate, Incapacitate, Weaken, Enfeeble, Devitalize, Enervate,
Antonyms: Rejuvenate, Invigorate, Energise, Revitalise, Refresh 
Example: She was so prostrated by migraine that she could scarcely totter up the stairs to bed.
5. Ill at ease (idiom):  Nervous or anxious. (बेचैन, पेरशान, व्याकुल)
Synonyms: Awkward, Uneasy, Uncomfortable, Self-Conscious, Inhibited, Gauche
Antonyms: At Ease, Comfortable Calm, Collected, Nerveless, Relaxed
Example: My sister loves performing, but I'm ill at ease on stage
6. Take the bait (idiom): To respond to someone's actions or words in the way that they intended. (झांसा में आना)
Synonyms: React, Reply, Respond, Fall For, Fooled
Example: That's just what he wants you to do. Don't take the bait.
7. Plebeian (adjective): Belonging to a low social class/ lacking in refinement or manners. (सामान्य मनुष्य-संबंधी, अशिष्ट)
Synonyms: Proletarian, Commoner Uncultured, Uncultivated, Unrefined, Rustic Uneducated
Antonyms: Aristocratic, Noble, Patrician Refined, Cultivated, Sophisticated
Example: Bill's uncouth habit of licking his fingers while eating made him look like aplebeian.
8. Rhetoric (noun): Speech or writing intended to be effective and influence people: (भाषण कला) 
Synonyms: Oratory, Eloquence, Power of Speech, Diction
Antonyms: Inarticulateness, Simplicity, Incompetence
Example: I was swayed by her rhetoric into donating all my savings to the charity.
9. Stark (adjective): Severe or bare in appearance or outline. (स्पष्ट)
Synonyms: Blunt Simple, Sharp, Crisp, Distinct, Obvious, Evident, Clear, Austere, Severe, Plain, Bare, Unadorned, Undecorated.
Antonym: Fuzzy, Indistinct, Pleasant, Comfortable, Ornate
Example: It was a stark room with a bed and chair as the only furniture.
10. Tutelage (noun): Protection of or authority over someone or something; guardianship. (देख-रेख, संरक्षण)
Synonyms: Protection, Schooling, Supervision, Custody, Guardianship, Care
Antonym: Ignorance, Negligence, Inattention
Example: He felt privileged to be under the tutelage of an experienced actor"
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