English Vocab

1. Instigated (verb) : (To urge, provoke, or incite to some action or course:) (भड़काना, उत्तेजित करना)
Synonyms: Incite, Encourage, Goad, Provoke, Spur On, Foment, Stimulate
Antonyms: Dissuade, Discourage, Cessation, Restrain
Example: Cigarette smoke can easily instigate an asthma attack in a person who has a weak respiratory system.
Verb forms: Instigate, Instigated, Instigated
Related words: Instigation, Instigator (noun) Instigative (adjective) Instigatingly (adverb)
2. Veracity (noun) : (Conformity to truth or fact;) (सच्चाई, यथार्थता)
Synonyms: Honesty, Integrity, Probity, Truthfulness, Verity, Reliability
Antonyms: Deceitfulness, Dishonesty, Lying, Mendacious, Mendacity, Falsity
Example: Unless you get your information from a credible website, you should doubt the veracity of the facts until you have confirmed them elsewhere.
Related words: Veracious (adjective)
3. Glint (noun) : (A small amount of emotion seen in a person's eyes) (चमक, दमक ,झलकना)
Synonyms: Gleam, Shine, Flicker, Glisten, Scintillation, Squint
Antonyms: Dullness, Gaze, Stare, Glance, Ogle, Gloat
Example: She saw the glint of excitement in his eyes"
Verb forms: Glint, Glinted, Glinted
Related words: glint (verb) (give out or reflect small flashes of light.)
4. Vendetta (noun) : (Any prolonged and bitter feud, rivalry, contention) (प्रतिशोध, बदला)
Synonyms: Feud, Quarrel, Revenge, Dispute, Conflict, Rivalry, Strife
Antonyms: Harmony, Forgiveness, Accord, Amity, Affinity, Clemency
Example: The way young people sort out vendettas nowadays is absolutely horrendous.
Related words: Vendettist (noun)
5. Bourgeois (adjective) : (Of or characteristic of the middle class, typically with reference to its perceived materialistic values or conventional attitudes..) (संपत्तिजीवी, पूंजीपति)
Synonyms: Materialistic, Conservative, Capitalist
Antonyms: Divine, Sanctified
Example: After surviving the plane crash, Eric gave up his bourgeois life and joined the priesthood.
Related words: Phrase:- Petty bourgeois (the section of the middle class with the lowest social status)
Bourgeoisification, Bourgeois (noun) (the middle class, typically with reference to its perceived materialistic values or conventional attitudes.)
6. Soil one’s hands (idiom) : (To partake in especially underhanded, illicit, or illegal work or activities.) (कुछ गलत करना, अवैध काम या गतिविधियों में हिस्सा लेना)
Synonyms: Immoral, Libertine, Frail, Inofficious, Lecherous, Depraved, Iniquitous
Antonyms: Virtuous, Chaste, Conscientious, Ethical, Legitimate
Example: He refused to soil his hands for her.
7. Subaltern (adjective) : (Of lower status.) (आधीन, निम्नपदस्थ)
Synonyms: Inferior, Subordinate, Underling, Lowly, Ancillary
Antonyms: Superior, Uppermost, Leading, Paramount, Zenith
Example: The sergeant gave his subaltern a sarcastic look.
Related words: Subalternity (noun)
8. Shroud (verb) : (To cover; hide from view.) (आवरण, छिपाना)
Synonyms: Cover, Veil, Conceal, Hide, Obscure, Camouflage
Antonyms: Expose, Uncover, Bewray, Reveal
Example: I told my family and friends to keep my husband’s surprise party under a shroud of secrecy.
Verb forms: Shroud, Shrouded, Shrouded
Related words: Shroudless, Shroudlike (adjective)
9. Vaunted (verb) : (Boast about or praise (something), especially excessively.) (अपनी बड़ाई करना, डींग मारना, शेख़ी मारना)
Synonyms: Flaunted, Boasted, Bragged, Swaggered, Exulted, Strutted
Antonyms: Modest, Maidenly, Unassuming
Example: China likes to vaunt its military strength, intimidating her neighbors.
Verb forms: Vaunt, Vaunted, Vaunted
Related words: Vaunter (noun) Vauntingly (adverb)
10. Clerisy (noun) : (Learned or literary people regarded as a social group or class.) (शिक्षित तथा साहित्यिक लोगों को एक सामाजिक समूह)
Synonyms: Intelligentsia, Aristocracy, Elite, Beau Monde, Bon Ton, Nobility, Acumen
Antonyms: Ignoramus, Fatuous, Loggerhead, Imbecile, Uncultured, Simpleton
Example: A society lacking a well-established clerisy with a strong commitment to democratic ideals
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