English Vocab

1. Eerie (adjective) : (Strange and mysterious) (भयानक, अजीब)
Synonyms: Creepy, Haunting, Spooky, Uncanny, Weird, Bizarre, Mysterious
Antonyms: Normal, Ordinary, Predictable, Unexceptional, Reassuring
Example: There was an eerie silence on our early morning walk through the cemetery.
Related words: Eerily (adverb) Eeriness (noun)
2. Farce (noun) : (A ridiculous situation or event) (स्वांग, तमाशा, ढोंग)
Synonyms: Absurdity, Mockery, Travesty, Sham, Pretence, Masquerade
Antonyms: Seriousness, Solemnity, Staidness, Sincerity
Example: The movie was a complete farce, showing how ridiculous the actors viewed politics.
Related words: Unfarced, (adjective)
3. Sanctimonious (adjective) : (Making a hypocritical show of religious devotion, piety, righteousness, etc.:) (पाखंडी, धर्माभिमानी)
Synonyms: Hypocritical, Self-Righteous, Unctuous, Pecksniffian, Priggish
Antonyms: Non Judgemental, Meek, Modest, Atheist
Example: Even though the minister had been arrested for shoplifting, he still had the nerve to act sanctimonious in front of the congregation.
Related words: Sanctimoniously (adverb) Sanctimoniousness (noun)
4. Vassals (noun) : (A person holding some similar relation to a superior) (दास, अधीन, सेवक)
Synonyms: Bondsman, Serf, Helot, Slave, Thrall, Liege
Antonyms: Freeman, Lord
Example: Once the vassal’s payment was made and he was released, the noble who owned all of the land would have to find someone else to work his property.
Related words: Vassal (adjective)
5. Annexation (noun) : (The official action of securing something by taking it over, often relating to land) (राज्य-हरण, संयोजन)
Synonyms: Addition, Appropriation, Reunion, Junction, Affiliation, Confiscation
Antonyms: Abandonment, Abdication, Abjuration, Relinquishing, Expulsion
Example: After the annexation is complete, the new city residents won’t have to pay extra taxes to send their children to school.
Verb forms: Annex, Annexed, Annexed
Related words: Annex (verb) (add (territory) to one's own territory by appropriation.)
6. Tapestry (noun) : (Used in reference to complex or complicated combinations of things), (जटिल संयोजन)
Synonyms: Complicated, Matted, Mazy, Labyrinthine, Intricate
Antonyms: Straight, Apparent, Categorical, Conspicuous
Example: The human body is formed by a complex tapestry of DNA, which is highly complicated and precise.
Related words: Tapestried (adjective)
7. Myriad (noun) : (Of an indefinite large number) (एक अनिश्चित बड़ी संख्या)
Synonyms: Countless, Infinite, Numerous, Multitudinous, Legion, Swarm
Antonyms: Limited, Measurable, Countable, Finite, Enumerable
Example: The priest urged everyone to thank God for the myriad blessings in their lives.
Related words: Myriad (adjective)
8. Trite (adjective) : (Not interesting or effective because of being used too often) (घिसे-पिटे)
Synonyms: Hackneyed, Banal, Cliched, Platitudinous, Vapid, Ordinary
Antonyms: Original, Fresh, Imaginative
Example: I did not finish the novel because the story’s plot was trite and uninspiring.
Related words: Tritely (adverb) Triteness (noun)
9. Bogged (verb) : (Be prevented from making progress in a task or activity.) (फंसना, कार्य या गतिविधि में प्रगति करने से रोकना)
Synonyms: Obstructed, Hampered, Thwarted, Inhibited
Antonyms: Assisted, Facilitated, Promoted, Expedited, Encouraged
Example: Many great ideas got bogged down in bureaucracy"
Verb forms: Bog, Bogged, Bogged
Related words: Boggy (adjective)
10. Intrusive (adjective) : (Annoying someone by interfering with their privacy) (हस्तक्षेप करने वाले, दखल करने वाले)
Synonyms: Interfering, Meddling, Officious, Tampering
Antonyms: Unobtrusive, Apathy, Unassuming, Modest
Example: The mobile phone is a relatively intrusive technology, interrupting you from what you are doing and demanding attention.
Related words: Intrusive, Intrusiveness (noun) Intrusively (adverb)
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