1. Fantasy (noun) : (An idea with no basis in reality) (कपोल कल्पित)
Synonyms: Dream, Imagination, Illusion, Fiction, Chimera, Delusion, Hallucination
Antonyms: Reality, Certainty, Factual, Verity
Example: He can hardly tell the difference between fantasy and reality.
Verb forms: Fantasy, Fantasied, Fantasied
Related words: Fantasy (verb)
2. Epitomize (verb) : (To be a perfect example or representation of (something)) (एक आदर्श उदाहरण या प्रतिनिधित्व)
Synonyms: Depiction, Exemplar, Icon, Paradigm, Epitome
Antonyms: Mockery, Derision, Satire, Lampoon
Example: When my teacher gave me the award for most outstanding project, she told me my assignmentepitomized excellence in the field of physics.
Verb forms: Epitomize, Epitomized, Epitomized
Related words: Epitomization, Epitomizer, Epitomist, (noun)
3. Vest (verb) : (Rights, benefits, or privileges that are typically inherent or legally guaranteed) (निहित होना, प्रदान करना)
Synonyms: Empower, Endow, Furnish, Provide, Endue, Confer
Antonyms: Bereave, Abrogate, Deprive, Dispossess, Oust
Example: Many people think that the power of the United States is entirely vested in the President, but a system of checks and balances placed power between three branches of government.
Verb forms: Vest, Vested, Vested
Related words: idioms:- play it close to the vest (to avoid taking unnecessary risks).
Vestless, Vestlike (adjective) Vest (noun)
4. Embodiment (noun) : (Someone or something that is a perfect representative or example of a quality, idea, (अवतार, मूर्त रूप)
Synonyms: Epitome, Incarnation, Personification, Quintessence, Paradigm
Antonyms: Replica, Duplicate, Descendants, Clone, Imitation
Example: My lecturer holds several advanced degrees and is the embodiment of the ideal scholar.
Verb forms: Embody, Embodied, Embodied
Related words: phrase:-living embodiment (someone that is a perfect representative or example of a quality, characteristic, etc.)
5. Arbitrage (noun) : (The process of exploiting differences in the price of an asset by simultaneously buying and selling it) (मध्यस्थता का उपयोग कर संपत्ति खरीदना और बेचना)
Synonyms: Intermediation, Stock Jobbing, Arbitrament, Interposition, Brokerage
Antonyms: Noninterference, Laissez-Faire, Isolationism, Free Trade
Example: “Much of the short selling was being done by people who were arbitraging between the bond and the equity market”
Verb forms: Arbitrage, Arbitraged, Arbitraged
Related words: Arbitrage (verb)
6. Prop up (phrasal verb) : (To stop someone or something from falling) (संभालना)
Synonyms: Shore Up, Support, Sustain, Bolster, Uphold, Strengthen
Antonyms: Squelch, Put-Down, Repress, Squash
Example: This new initiative is a desperate attempt to prop up the economy.
Verb forms: Prop up, Propped up, Propped up
7. Herald (verb) : (Be a sign that (something) is about to happen.) (सूचना देना, घोषणा करना)
Synonyms: Harbinger, Precursor, Announce, Augur, Foretell, Messenger, Prognosticate
Antonyms: Receiver Collector Picker
Example: Because he was always up-to-date on the latest information, we referred to our friend as a herald.
Verb forms: Herald, Heralded, Heralded
Related words: Herald (noun)
8. Accumulation (noun) : (Increase or growth by addition especially when continuous or repeated) (संग्रह, संचयीकरण)
Synonyms: Accrual, Aggregation, Accretion, Agglomerate, Stockpile Conglomeration
Antonyms: Dissipation, Plethora, Dissemination, Excess
Example: The sanitation department is on strike causing our garbage to accumulate.
Verb forms: Accumulate, Accumulated, Accumulated
Related words: Accumulate (verb)
9. Gobble (verb) : (To seize upon eagerly) (हडप जाना, डकार जाना)
Synonyms: Usurp, Take Over, Confiscate, Expropriate
Antonyms: Relinquish, Surrender, Abdicate, Renounce, Repudiate
Example: An entire industry developed around producing low-fat snack foods and consumers have gobbledthem up in hopes of losing weight and improving health.
Verb forms: Gobble, Gobbled, Gobbled
Related words: Gobble (noun)
10. Spree (noun) : (An unrestrained indulgence in or outburst of an activity) (होड़)
Synonyms: Impedance, Contestation, Rivalry
Antonyms: Cooperation, Affiliation, Concord, Synergy
Example: During my shopping spree, I visited nearly every store in the mall.
Verb forms: Spree, Spreed, Spreed
Related words: Phrases:- Shopping spree (going to a mall and blow in all your money on everything you can get your hands on.)
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