English Vocab

1. Stratagem (noun) : (A trick or plan for deceiving an enemy or for achieving a goal) (कपट, युक्ति, कूटचाल)
Synonyms: Plan, Scheme, Tactic, Manoeuvre, Ploy, Wile, Subterfuge, Artifice, Contrivance
Antonyms: Honesty, Artlessness, Chastity, Morality
Example: Her business stratagem allowed her to quickly rise to the top as a great success.
Related words: Stratagemically (adverb) Stratagemical (adjective)
2. Milieu (noun): (The physical or social setting in which people live or in which something happens or develops) (परिवेश, स्थिति)
Synonyms: Surroundings, Atmosphere, Ambience, Habitat, Circumstance, Entourage
Example: Because my father grew up in a military milieu, he knew he wanted to join the armed forces when he graduated from high school.
3. Wield (verb) : (To exert one's authority by means of) (शक्ति या प्रभाव को उपयोग करने में सक्षम होना)
Synonyms: Command, Control, Manage, Be in charge of, Enslave, Subjugate
Antonyms: Suppress, Liberate, Emancipate
Example: Do you wish you could wield a sword like a valiant knight?
Verb forms: Wield, Wielded, Wielded
Related words: Wielder (noun) Wieldable (adjective)
4. Intercession (noun) : (The action of intervening on behalf of another.) (मध्यस्थता, बीच-बचाव)
Synonyms: Mediation, Arbitration, Conciliation, Intervention, Interposition,
Antonyms: Unconcern, Impartiality, Apathy, Neutrality
Example: Several political prisoners have been released through the intercession of Amnesty International.
Related words: Intercessional, Intercessory (adjective) Intercessor (noun)
5. Loquacious (adjective) : (Liking to talk and talking smoothly and easily) (बातूनी, वाचाल)
Synonyms: Garrulous, Talkative, Chatty, Voluble, Effusive
Antonyms: Quiet, Speechless, Laconic, Taciturn, Reticent
Example: Hitesh is shy and reserved while his twin brother Nitin is friendly and loquacious.
Related words: Loquaciously (adverb) Loquaciousness (noun)
6. Rapprochement (noun) : ((Especially in international affairs) an establishment or resumption of harmonious relations.) (मेल-मिलाप, मेल-जोल)
Synonyms: Communion, Fellowship, Rapport, Accord, Amity
Antonyms: Disagreement, Alienation, Disaffection, Disgruntlement, Estrangement; Coldness
Example: Rapprochement between the U.S. and North Korea seems unlikely as more threat are made from both sides.
7. Fervent (adjective) : (Having or showing great warmth or intensity of spirit, feeling, enthusiasm,) (उत्साही, जोश से भरा हुआ)
Synonyms: Impassioned, Passionate, Intense, Vehement, Ardent, Sincere, Profound, Perfervid
Antonyms: Apathetic, Stoic, Dispirited, Unenthusiastic, Stolid
Example: Because Mark and Katy are fervent fans of the television show, they never miss an episode of the series.
Related words: Fervently, Fervidly (adverb) Ferventness (noun)
8. Seep (verb) : (To become diffused or spread) (फैलाना या प्रसार होना)
Synonyms: Ooze, Percolate, Exude, Permeate, Extravasate
Antonyms: Gush, Surge, Overflow, Inundate
Example: After hitting the bump in the road, oil began to seep out of my car’s radiator.
Verb forms: Seep, Seeped, Seeped
Related words: Seep (noun) Seepy (adjective)
9. Sullen (adjective) : (Bad tempered and gloomy) (उदास, चिडचिडा)
Synonyms: Surly, Sulky, Morose, Resentful, Glum, Moody, Gloomy, Joyless
Antonyms: Cheerful, Sociable, Pleasant, Jocund
Example: The sullen criminal refused to follow the police officer’s instructions.
Related words: Sullenly (adverb) Sullenness (noun)
10. Decimate (verb) : (To severely damage or destroy a large part of (something)) (बरबाद करना, नाश करना)
Synonyms: Annihilate, Destroy, Demolish, Desolate, Devastate,
Antonyms: Build, Construct, Fabricate, Forge
Example: If the troops cross over the border, they will try to decimate the capital city.
Verb forms: Decimate, Decimated, Decimated
Related words: Decimation, Decimator (noun)
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