English Vocab

1. Contemplate (verb) : (To think deeply or carefully about (something)) (सोच-विचार करना, चिंतन करना)
Synonyms: Cogitate, Consider, Ponder, Deliberate,
Entertain, Ruminate, Muse
Antonyms: Disregard, Ignore, Overlook
Example: When the accountant was asked to contemplate the current budget, he discovered many ways the company could save money.
Verb forms: Contemplate, Contemplated, Contemplated
Related words: Contemplator (noun) Contemplatingly, (adverb) Uncontemplated, (adjective)
2. Ambit (noun) : (An area in which something acts or operates or has power or control:) (सीमा, परिधि, दायरा)
Synonyms: Range, Domain, Confines, Realm, Extent, Periphery, Purview
Antonyms: Center, Nucleus, Limitation
Example: The kid who's voted president of her sixth grade class is going to be thrilled, despite her relatively small ambit.
3. Dissimulation (noun) : (The action of covering the truth) (ढोंग, स्वांग)
Synonyms: Deception Deceit Hypocrisy Duplicity Disguise Fraud Concealment Guile
Antonyms: Directness, Honesty, Verity, Probity, Candor
Example: Many anti-government groups believe the president is always conducting acts of dissimulation to deceive the public.
Verb forms: Dissimulate, Dissimulated, Dissimulated
Related words: Dissimulator (noun)
4. Muster (noun) : (Gather or bring together) (जुटाना, बटोरना)
Synonyms: Gather, Assemble, Convene, Congregate, Convoke, Accumulate, Cluster
Antonyms: Separate, Disperse, Scatter, Segregated, Disseminate
Example: Tomorrow the teachers will muster for their monthly staff meeting.
Verb forms: Muster, Mustered, Mustered
Related words: Verb Phrases:- muster in (to enlist into service in the armed forces).
muster out (to discharge from service in the armed forces)
Idioms:- pass muster (to pass a cursory inspection.
Unmustered, (adjective)
5. Straddle (verb) : (Extend across or be situated on both sides of.) (एक तरफ से दूसरे की ओर  या दोनों तरफ की स्थित होना)
Synonyms: Bestride, Span, Protrude, Enlarge
Antonyms: Truncate, Curtail, Abbreviate, Abridge, Diminish
Example: He knew he couldn’t straddle the issue any longer and that he would have to choose sides.
Verb forms: Straddle, Straddled, Straddled
Related words: phrase:- straddle the fence (to be in a position of neutrality or indecision)
Straddler, noun, Straddlingly, adverb
6. Fusillade (noun) : (A sudden outburst, as of criticism) (भड़ास)
Synonyms: Bombardment, Blitz, Outburst, Transfuse
Antonyms: Intentional, Designed, Plotted, Organize
Example: During the police interrogation, I felt as though the detectives attacked me with a fusillade of questions.
Verb forms: Fusillade, Fusilladed, Fusilladed
Related words: Fusillade (verb)
7. Dire (adjective) : Causing or involving great fear or suffering; dreadful; terrible:) (भयानक, गंभीर)
Synonyms: Dreadful, Grievous, Appalling, Ghastly, Terrible, Arduous, Grisly
Antonyms: Humorous, Goofy, Absurd, Flippant
Example: There will be dire consequences if Nirav does not have heart surgery within the next few days.
Related words: In dire straits (in a very bad situation that is difficult to fix)
Direly (adverb) Direness (noun)
8. Morass (noun) : (Any confusing or troublesome situation, especially one from which it is difficult to free oneself.) (एक जटिल या भ्रमित स्थिति)
Synonyms: Confusion, Chaos, Muddle, Tangle, Entanglement, Imbroglio
Antonyms: Clarity, Limpidity, Explicitness, Certitude, Perspicuity
Example: Even the smartest lawyer will find it difficult to find a solution for this legal morass.
Related words: Morass noun (an area of muddy or boggy ground), Morassy (adjective)
9. Shrivel (verb) : (To become reduced to inanition, helplessness, or inefficiency), (महत्त्व खोना, दुर्बल होना, क्षीण होना)
Synonyms: Wither, Shrink, Wane, Diminish, Dwindle
Antonyms: Grow, Expand, Develop, Thrive, Ameliorate
Example: Soaking in the bathtub for too long, the girl’s tiny fingers began to shrivel up like wrinkled sticks.
Verb forms: Shrivel, Shrivelled, Shrivelled
Related words: Unshrivelled, (adjective)
10. Helm (noun) : (A position of control) (नियंत्रण की स्थिति)
Synonyms: Control, Leadership, Direct, Guidance, Hegemony, Domination
Antonyms: Incompetence, Inability, Maladroitness
Example: In the eight years since he took the helm of the world 's biggest drinks company, he has focused increasingly on premium brands that command premium prices.
Verb forms: Helm, Helmed, Helmed
Related words: Phrase:-at the helm of  (In charge, in command,)
Helmless (adjective)

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