English Vocab

1. Exasperation (noun) : (A feeling of intense irritation or annoyance.) (खीज, रोष, झुंझलाहट)
Synonyms: Irritation, Annoyance, Chagrin, Vexation, Anger, Fury, Rage, Wrath, Aggravation
Antonyms: Pleasure, Delight, Contentment, Gratification
Example: Because Nidhi has been in the doctor’s waiting room for two hours, she is upset and in a state ofexasperation.
Verb forms: Exasperate, Exasperated, Exasperated
Related words: Exasperatedly, Exasperatingly (adverb) Unexasperated (adjective)
2. Farcical (adjective) : (So silly or extreme that is unable to take it seriously.) (विनोदपूर्ण)
Synonyms: Ridiculous, Preposterous, Ludicrous, Absurd, Laughable, Risible, Nonsensical;
Antonyms: Serious, Sensible, Humorless, Lame, Unamusing, Uncomic,
Example: Because Jim is known for his farcical behavior, no one was surprised when he put up his Christmas decorations in February.
Related words: Farcicality, Farcicalness, Farce (noun) Farcically (adverb)
3. Debilitate (verb) : (To make (someone or something) weak : to reduce the strength of (someone or something)) (दुर्बल करना, कमज़ोर करना)
Synonyms: Weaken, Devitalize, Enervate, Enfeeble, Attenuate, Emasculate
Antonyms: Restorative, Strengthen, Fortify, Invigorating, Reviving
Example: The virus debilitates the body's immune system.
Verb forms: Debilitate, Debilitated, Debilitated
Related words: Debilitation (noun)
4. Euphemistically (adverb) : (By means of a mild or indirect word or expression instead of one considered too harsh or blunt,) (हल्के शब्द-प्रयोग के साथ)
Synonyms: Controversially, Euphonically, Indirectly, Innocuously, Tactfully
Antonyms: Offensively, Polemically, Objectionably, Obnoxiously
Example: The prison is euphemistically called a “rehabilitation centre”.
Related words: Euphemist, (noun) Euphemistic, Euphemistical (adjective)
5. Drub (verb) : (To defeat decisively) (निर्णायक रूप से पराजित होना)
Synonyms: Whip, Beat, Thrash, Clobber, Trounce, Defeat, Overwhelm
Antonyms: Victory, Triumph, Conquest, Mastery
Example: Milind Soman drubs Thomas Jefferson in the race to be our nation's foremost Ironman.
Verb forms: Drub, Drubbed, Drubbed
Related words: Phrase:- take a drubbing (to be badly beaten), give (someone) a drubbing (to beat (another team or person) easily)
Drubber Drubbing (noun)
6. Tepid (adjective) : (Lacking in passion, force, or zest) (जुनून, बल, या उत्साह में कमी)
Synonyms: Unenthusiastic, Indifferent, Halfhearted, Apathetic, Unconcerned, Desultory
Antonyms: Enthusiastic, Hearty, Passionate, Ardent, Fervent
Example: The president has seen his popularity grow tepid ever since he mishandled the budget crisis.
Related words: Tepidity, Tepidness (noun) Tepidly (adverb)
7. Incinerate (verb) : (To destroy completely) (नष्ट करना, नाश करना)
Synonyms: Demolish, Annihilate, Eradicate, Obliterate, Devastate, Extirpate
Antonyms: Construct, Create, Fabricate, Improve, Embellish
Example: The thieves decided to incinerate the building after leaving fingerprints on the wall.
Verb forms: Incinerate, Incinerated, Incinerated
Related words: Incineration (noun)
8. Swoon (verb) : (Lose consciousness from extreme emotion) (चरम भावना से बेसुध होना)
Synonyms: Succumb, Unconsciousness, Trance, Oblivion      
Antonyms: Consciousness, Alertness, Presence, Cognizance
Example: Sharon felt like she was going to swoon upon hearing the news that her fiancé no longer wished to marry her.
Verb forms: Swoon, Swooned, Swooned
Related words: Swooner (noun) Swooningly (adverb)
9. Thumping (adjective) : (Strikingly great, immense, exceptional, or impressive;) (ज़बरदस्त, प्रभावशाली , उत्कृष्ट)
Synonyms: Whopping, Walloping, Enormous, Gargantuan, Immense
Antonyms: Negligibly, Minimally, Astute, Meagerly
Example: A thumping victory at the polls.
Related words: Thumpingly (adverb) Thumper (noun)
10. Subversion (noun) : (The attempt to weaken or destroy a political system or a government.), (राजनीतिक व्यवस्था या सरकार को कमजोर करने या नष्ट करने का प्रयास)
Synonyms: Trouble-Making, Rebellion, Insurrection, Destruction, Treason, Demolition    
Antonyms: Allegiance, Loyalty, Fidelity
Example: He was arrested in parliament on charges of subversion for organizing the demonstration.
Related words: Subversionary (adjective) Subversive (adjective or noun) Subversively (adverb)
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