English Vocab

1. Yearn (verb) : (To have a deep desire for something or someone), (उत्सुक होना, इच्छा करना)
Synonyms: Desire, Pine, Hanker, Wish ,Crave ,Aspire ,Lust ,Covet
Antonyms: Abjure ,Hate, Despise, Disdain ,Neglect, Defy, Disparage
Example: When my sister was pregnant, all she did was yearn for chocolate ice cream and French fries.
Verb forms: Yearn, Yearned, Yearned
Related words: Yearner, noun, unyearned, adjective, yearningly adverb

2. Fillip (noun) : (Something which acts as a stimulus or boost to an activity.), (प्रोत्साहन, उत्साह)
Synonyms: Stimulation, Boost, Encouragement, Incitement, Impetus, Inducement
Antonyms: Curb, Anesthetic, Appeasement, Deject, Discourage
Example: New technologies and sophisticated machinery will give a fillip to the construction sector.
Verb forms: Fillip, Filliped, Filliped
Related words: fillip (verb)
3. Ascribe (verb) : (Attribute a cause or characteristic), (कारण बताना, संबंध बताना)
Synonyms: Attribute, Impute, Accredit, Ratify, Validate, Corroborate
Antonyms: Disapprove, Abrogate, Refute
Example: Harsh desperately wanted to ascribe blame to someone else for the damage to the fender, but ultimately he accepted the responsibility.
Verb forms: Ascribe, Ascribed, Ascribed
Related words: phrasal verb :- Ascribe something to someone/something (to consider something to be caused, created, or owned by someone or something)
ascribable adjective,

4. Machination   (noun) : (A scheme that is usually created for bad reasons), (कुचक्र, षड्‍यंत्र, साज़िश,दाँव-पेंच)
Synonyms: Conspiracy, Intrigue, Artifice, Dodge, Contrivance, Subterfuge
Antonyms: Honesty, Good Plan, Reliability, Faithfulness, Morality, Fidelity
Example: After being caught running a machination against his political rival, the ruthless candidate lost the election.
Related words: Antimachination, adjective

5. Animosities (noun) : (A strong feeling of disliking someone or something), (बैर, दुश्मनी)
Synonyms: Antipathy, Hostility, Antagonism, Enmity, Animus, Aversion, Acrimony,
Antonyms: Goodwill, Friendship, Benevolence, Compassion, Empathy
Example: During the match, the animosity between the two wrestlers was obvious.

6. Resentment  (noun) : (Anger or bitterness related to something that happened in the past), (द्वेष,नाराज़गी)
Synonyms: Bitterness, Indignation, Pique, Disgruntlement, Malice, Acrimony, Rancour
Antonyms: Contentment, Happiness, Affinity, Lenity, Gratification, Complacency
Example: The daughter decided to let go of her resentment, forgiving her father for the hurt he had caused.
Verb forms: Resent; Resented, Resented
Related words: Resentful adjective, resent verb

7. Damnation (noun) : (The state of being in hell as punishment after death), (नरकदण्‍ड)
Synonyms: Eternal Punishment, Perdition, Doom, Hellfire, Curse, Execration, Imprecation, Anathema, Malediction
Antonyms: Blessing, Benediction, Salvation, Emancipation, Extrication, Deliverance
Example: The minister spoke about death and damnation.
Verb forms: Damn, Damned, Damned;
Related words: damned adjective, damn verb

8. Inflict (verb) : (To cause someone to experience or be affected by (something unpleasant or harmful)), (सज़ा देना, थोपना)
Synonyms: Impose, Enforce, Wreak, Foist ,Compel  ,
Antonyms: Retract, Withdraw, Rescind, Repudiate, Take Back
Example: By blowing up the airport, the terrorist group hoped to inflict fear upon the public.
Verb forms: Inflict, Inflicted, Inflicted
Related words: Inflictor noun, inflictive inflictable, adjective

9. Strife (noun) : (Bitter and sometimes violent disagreement), (कलह, झगड़ा, विवाद)
Synonyms: Conflict, Discord, Disagreement, Dissension, Dispute, Argument, Contention
Antonyms:  Harmony, Peace, Cooperation, Accord, Conformity
Example: In order to avoid family strife, the children spend equal time during the holidays with both of their grandmothers
Related words: Strifeless strifeful, adjective,

10. Exacerbation (noun) : (To increase the severity or worsen), (बढ़ाना, तेज़ हो जाना, तीव्रता)
Synonyms: Aggravate, Worsen, Infuriate, Intensify, Heighten, Exasperate
Antonyms: Calm, Reduce, Alleviate, Soothe, Assuage
Example: If you do not take your medicine, you condition will exacerbate, and you will feel worse.
Verb forms: Exacerbate, exacerbated, exacerbated
Related words: Exacerbate verb,
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