English Vocab

1. Ploy (noun) : (A trick used to make someone do something or get an advantage) (चालाकीभरी योजना, नौटंकी या रणनीति)
Synonyms: Artifice, Dodge, Flimflam, Gimmick, Stratagem, Trick, Subterfuge
Antonyms: Artlessness, Honesty, Bluntness, Candor, Sincerity
Example: My daughter attempts to use the divide and conquer ploy to get something from her father when she cannot get it from me.
Related words: Phrase:- marketing ploy (something that people who are selling a product use to make people want to buy the product)
2. Fervor (noun) : (Intensity of feeling or expression) (जोश, उत्साह, व्यग्रता)
Synonyms: Passion, Ardour, Intensity, Zeal, Vehemence, Avidity, Fervid
Antonyms: Apathy, Indifference, Agony, Lethargy, Insouciance
Example: The terrorist’s fervor made him believe that giving his life for his cause was his purpose in life.
Related words: Fervent (adjective), fervently (adverb)
3. Usurp (verb) : (To seize or exercise authority or possession wrongfully) (हड़पना)
Synonyms: Arrogate, Expropriate, Seize, Take Over, Confiscate, Encroach
Antonyms: Relinquish, Abandon, Abnegate, Surrender, Waive
Example: Since Lisa could not attend the dance, Marie had plans to usurp the title of homecoming queen
Verb forms: Usurp, Usurped, Usurped
Related words: Usurpation, Usurper (noun) Usurpingly, (adverb) Usurpative, Usurpatory, (adjective)
4. Imbroglio (noun) : (An extremely confused, complicated, or embarrassing situation.) (उलझन, गुत्थी, गड़बड़)
Synonyms: Difficulty, Predicament, Plight, Trouble, Entanglement, Confusion, Muddle, Quandary, Dilemma
Antonyms: Clarification, Enucleation, Elucidation, Explication, Decipherment
Example: The hostages found themselves in an imbroglio when the two kidnappers began to fight.
5. Connive (verb) : (Secretly allow (something immoral, illegal, or harmful) to occur.) (मिलीभगत, बढ़ावा देना)
Synonyms: Intrigue, Conspire, Machinate, Contrive
Antonyms: Repel, Rebuff
Example: Do you believe the government would connive social concerns to distract the public from key financial issues?
Verb forms: Connive, Connived, Connived
Related words: Conniver, (noun) Connivingly, (adverb) Unconnived, Unconniving, (adjective)
6. Exasperate (verb) : (To cause irritation or annoyance to) (ग़ुस्से में लाना, खिजलाना, भडकाना)
Synonyms: Annoy, Infuriate, Nettle, Provoke, Aggravate, Rile, Pique
Antonyms: Placate, Appease, Soothe, Pacify, Conciliate, Ameliorate
Example: The exasperated bus driver refused to leave the school until all of the students were quiet.
Verb forms: Exasperate, Exasperated; Exasperated;
Related words: Exasperatedly (adverb) exasperatingly (adverb)
7. Languish (verb) : (To continue for a long time without activity or progress in an unpleasant or unwanted situation) (क्षीण होना, निस्तेज, कमजोर होना)
Synonyms: Decline, Droop, Emaciate, Fade, Weaken, Sag, Wither
Antonyms: Flourish, Recuperate, Strengthen, Alacrity
Example: If Congress allows the budget bill to languish on the shelf, then the country will find itself in a financial crisis.
Verb forms: Languish, Languished, Languished
Related words: Languisher (noun) Languishingly (adverb) Languishment (noun)
8. Obscurantism (noun) : (The practice of deliberately preventing the facts or full details of something from becoming known.) (प्रगतिविरोध, सुधार या ज्ञान विरोधी मत)
Synonyms: Casuistry, Equivocation, Fallacy, Hypocrisy, Spuriousness
Antonyms: Liberalism, Progressivism, Altruism, Benevolence
Example: The association's primary aim is to defeat scientific obscurantism and promote scientific truth.
Related words: Obscurantist (noun) or (adjective)
9. Rag-Tag (noun) : (A disreputable or disorganized group of people.) (आवारे, छिछोरे)
Synonyms: Rabble, Riffraff, Scum, Punk, Hooligan, Skunk, Ruffian
Antonyms: Peacemaker, Protector, Pacifist, Conciliator
Example: The ragtag team somehow won the game.
Related words: Rag-Tag (adjective)
10. Perversion (noun) : (Distortion or corruption of the original course, meaning, or state of something.) (विकृति, दोष)
Synonyms: Distortion, Falsification, Debasement, Wane, Depravity
Antonyms: Humbleness, Goodness, Morality, Righteousness, Virtue
Example: When we were in the airport, Mohit’s perverse behavior attracted the attention of airport security.
Verb forms: Pervert; Perverted; Perverted
Related words: Perverse (adjective) Pervert (verb)
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