English Vocab

1. Reinvigorated (verb) : (Give new energy or strength to.) (फिर से जान डाल, नई ऊर्जा या शक्ति देना)
Synonyms: Refreshed, Enlivened, Rejuvenated, Revived, Stimulated, Recharged, Resuscitated
Antonyms: Demoralized, Tired, Dampened, Dispirited, Emasculated, Exhausted
Example: We are fully committed to reinvigorating the economy of the area.
Verb forms: Reinvigorate, Reinvigorated, Reinvigorated
2. Posit (verb) : (Base something on the truth of (a particular assumption) (किसी स्थिति में रखना, कायम रखना)
Synonyms: Suppose, Assume, Take For Granted, Agree
Antonyms: Abolish, Disbelieve, Abstain
Example: These plots are posited on a false premise about women's nature as inferior.
Verb forms: Posit; Posited; Posited;
3. Ouster (noun) : (Dismissal or expulsion from a position) (निर्वासन, बेदख़ली)
Synonyms: Expulsion, Ejection, Eviction, Removal, Overthrow, Ejectment
Antonyms: Absorb, Admittance, Commission, Destine, Appointment
Example: Many citizens of Germany wanted to oust Adolf Hitler but were too scared to do anything about it.
4. Diatribe (noun) : (A forceful and bitter verbal attack against someone or something.) (अभियोगात्मक भाषण, आक्षेप, कठोर समालोचना, निंदा)
Synonyms: Tirade, Harangue, Verbal Onslaught, Verbal Attack, Denunciation, Fulmination, Condemnation, Criticism
Antonyms: Adulation, Applause, Flattery, Blandishment
Example: Because Aditi was unhappy with the administration, she launched a lengthy diatribe against the board during lunch.
5. Behest (noun) : (An authoritative order) (आज्ञा, आदेश)
Synonyms: Command, Charge, Commandment, Decree, Dictate, Direction, Directive,
Antonyms: Appeal, Entreaty, Petition, Plea, Urging; Proposal, Recommendation
Example: At the president’s behest, the prisoner will be pardoned for his crimes
Related words: idiom:- ‘at the behest of someone’(because of being asked or ordered by someone)
6. Trampled (verb) : (To act in a harsh, domineering, or cruel manner, as if treading roughly (usually followed by on, upon, or over) (पैरों तले कुचलना, रौंदना)
Synonyms: Squash, Stamp, Stomp, Tyrannize, Oppress, Squelch, Put Down
Antonyms: Uncompress, Dignify, Esteem, Emulate, Adulate, Appreciate
Example: The girl walked lightly through the garden, carefully watching her feet so that she didn’t tramplethe beautiful flowers.
Verb forms: Trample, Trampled, Trampled
Related words: Trample, Trampler (noun) Untrampled, (adjective)
7. Condone (verb) : (To disregard or overlook (something illegal, objectionable, or the like)) (जाने देना, छोड़ देना)
Synonyms: Overlook, Pigeon-Hole, Ignore, Pass Over
Antonyms: Taken Into Account, Intervene, Stickle Overview, Consider, Incorporate
Example: Children will think it is acceptable to call other people names if parents condone this behavior.
Verb forms: Condone, Condoned, Condoned
Related words: Condonable (adjective) Condoner (noun)
8. Bravado (noun) : (A bold manner or a show of boldness intended to impress or intimidate.) (वाहवाही, साहस प्रदर्शन)
Synonyms: Boldness, Bold Manner, Swagger, Bluster, Machismo, Boasting, Boastfulness, Bragging,
Antonyms: Modesty, Cowardice, Restraint, Timidity, Sarcasm, Condemnation
Example: Although Marina suspected they were lost, she displayed a false bravado so that the hikers would assume they were on the right path.
Related words: Overbravado (noun)
9. Denuding (verb) : (Strip (something) of its covering, possessions, or assets) (छीनना, वंचित करना, विरहित करना)
Synonyms: Divest, Strip, Clear, Deprive, Bereave, Uncover, Expose;
Antonyms: Compensate, Drape, Muffle, Wrap, Bedeck
Example: Mining would pollute the lake and denude the forest.
Verb forms: Denude, Denuded, Denuded
Related words: Denudation, Denudement (noun) Undenuded (adjective)
10. Hegemony (noun) : (Leadership or dominance, especially by one state or group over others.) (नायकत्व, नेतृत्व, प्राधान्य)
Synonyms: Leadership, Dominance, Dominion, Supremacy, Ascendancy, Predominance, Primacy
Antonyms: Self-Government, Repression, Oppression, Dictatorship
Example: The president of the company has hegemony over his employees.
Related words: Hegemonic Adjective,
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