English Vocab

1. Forlorn (adjective): (Pitifully sad and abandoned or lonely.) (निराश/परित्यक्त)
Synonyms: Unhappy, Sad, Miserable, Sorrowful, Dejected, Despondent, Disconsolate, Abject, Morose.
Antonyms: Bright, Cheerful, Joyful, Lively.
Example: Since Jake works so much, he does not realize his wife is forlorn because she rarely gets to spend time with him.
Origin:  from forlēosan ‘lose’, of Germanic origin
2. Murky (adjective): (Obscure or morally questionable.) (संदेहास्पद)
Synonyms: Questionable, Suspicious, Suspect, Dubious, Mysterious, Shady.
Antonyms: Distinct, Clear.
Example: Most people are naturally murky of door to door salesmen.
3. Sedate (verb): (Calm (someone) or make them sleep by administering a sedative drug.) (शांत करना / शामक औषधि देना)
Synonyms: Tranquillize, Give A Sedative To, Quieten, Pacify, Dope, Drug.
Antonyms: Invigorate, Energize.
Example: The only way to sedate the hostile dog was by putting him to sleep with a tranquilizer.
Verb forms: Sedate, Sedated, Sedated.
Related words:
Sedation (noun) - The action of administering a sedative drug to produce a state of calm or sleep.
Origin:  from Latin sedare ‘settle’
4. Throng (verb): (Flock or be present in great numbers.) (इकठ्ठा होना/भीड़ करना)
Synonyms: Flock, Crowd, Swarm, Flood, Spill, Teem.
Antonyms: Be Singled.
Example: When the game ended, a throng of fans carried some of the winning players off the field.
Verb forms: Throng, Thronged, Thronged.
Related words:
Throng (noun) - A large cluster of individuals
5. Eerie (adjective): (Strange and frightening.) (अजीब/डरावना)
Synonyms: Strange, Bizarre, Weird, Frightening
Antonyms: Common, Familiar, Natural, Normal.
Example: There was an eerie silence on our early morning walk through the cemetery.
6. Nexus (noun): (A connected group or series.) (गुट)
Synonyms: Connection, Network, Chain, Net, Circuitry.
Antonyms: Disconnection, Dissolution.
Example: The school cafeteria is the nexus of student activity.
Origin:  from Latin nectere , ‘a binding together’.
7. Clandestinely (adverb): (In a secretive and illicit way.) (गुप्त रूप से)
Synonyms: Confidentially, Covertly, Stealthily, Surreptitiously, Sub Rosa.
Antonyms: Openly, Publicly, Overtly.
Example: Frank’s wife filed for divorce after learning about his clandestine affair with their neighbor.
Related words:
Clandestine (adjective) - Done in an unobtrusive manner to avoid detection
Origin: from Latin clam ‘secretly’.
8. Collate (verb): (Collect and combine (texts, information, or data) (क्रमवार करना)
Synonyms: Arrange, Organize, Order, Put In Order, Sort, Categorize, Systematize
Antonyms: Disperse, Scatter, Mix Up
Example: The museum curator will collate the artifacts by their countries of origin before placing them in their respective wings.
Verb forms: Collate, Collated, Collated.
Origin: from Latin collat- ‘brought together’
9. Rankle (verb): ((Of a comment or fact) cause continuing annoyance or resentment.) (खिझाना/परेशान करना)
Synonyms: Annoy, Upset, Anger, Irritate, Offend, Affront, Displease, Exasperate.
Antonyms: Delight, Placate, Please, Soothe, Mollify.
Example: The fact the plane is leaving two hours late is certainly going to rankle the passengers.
Verb forms: Rankle, Rankled, Rankled.
10. Rampant (adjective): (Flourishing or spreading unchecked.) (अनियंत्रित/बड़े पैमाने पर)
Synonyms: Uncontrolled, Unrestrained, Unchecked, Unbridled, Widespread.
Antonyms: Checked, Controlled, Mild, Restrained.
Example: Sadly, the Internet has made it easier for the rampant spread of false information.
Related words:
Rampantly (adverb) - अनियंत्रित रूप से
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