English Vocab

1. Innocuous(मासूम/अहानिकर
Synonyms: banal, bland, inoffensive, insipid, painless
Antonyms: delicious, tasty, yummy, bad, damaging
2. Prevalent(प्रचलित 

Synonyms: common, commonplace, everyday, extensive, frequent
Antonyms: abnormal, different, exceptional, infrequent, irregular
3. Determination(अवधारण/दृढ़ निश्चय) 
Synonyms: assurance, boldness,bravery, conviction, courage
Antonyms: cowardice, diffidence, fear, idleness, indecision
4. Vulnerable(आलोचनीय) 
Synonyms: accessible, defenseless, exposed, liable, ready
Antonyms: guarded, protected, safe, secure, strong
5. Worse(और भी बुरा )
Synonyms: bad, poor, ill, not so good
6. vital(महत्वपूर्ण )
Synonyms: basic, critical, crucial, decisive, fundamental
Antonyms: additional, extra, inessential, insignificant, meaningless
7. Taint(कलंक/धब्बा)
Synonyms: blemish, stigma, blot, contagion, defect
Antonyms: advantage, benefit, blank, cleanliness, esteem
8. Distinction(विशिष्टता/अंतर 
Synonyms: characteristic, contrast, difference, discrepancy, discrimination
Antonyms: accord, agreement, concurrence, conformity, harmony
9. Adverse(प्रतिकूल
Synonyms: conflicting, detrimental, disadvantageous, inimical, injurious
Antonyms: advantageous, assisting, beneficial, friendly, good
10. vulnerable(आलोचनीय/ कमजोर करने)
Synonyms: accessible, defenseless, exposed, liable, ready
Antonyms: guarded, protected, safe, secure, strong
11. Forfeiture(ज़ब्ती/दण्ड/त्याग) 
Synonyms: fine, forfeit, loss, mulct, relinquishment
Antonyms: win
12. Sympathizers(हमदर्द/सहानुभूति रखने वालों)
Synonyms: friend, condoler, consoler, solacer
13. Stringent(कड़े )
Synonyms: binding, demanding, draconian, exacting, forceful
Antonyms: amenable, calm, easy, easy-going, facile
14. Combat(मुकाबला)
Synonyms: action, conflict, contest, encounter, engagement
Antonyms: agreement, calm, harmony, peace, surrender
15. Obligations(दायित्वों)
Synonyms: accountability, agreement, bond, burden, commitment
Antonyms: asset, disagreement, disbelief, irresponsibility, misunderstanding
16. Preserve(संरक्षण)
Synonyms: conserve, defend, freeze, keep, perpetuate
Antonyms: abandon, attack, endanger, give up, halt
17. Potential(संभावना) 
Synonyms: hidden, likely, possible, probable, budding
Antonyms: unlikely, helpless, impossible, lacking, unpromising

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