English Vocab

1. Dissident(असंतुष्ट/विरोधी )
Synonyms: discordant,dissenting, nonconformist, sectarian, dissentient
Antonyms: agreeing, conforming

2. Coalition(गठबंधन)
Synonyms: affiliation, alliance, amalgam, amalgamation, bloc
Antonyms: detachment, disconnection, disunion, division, divorce
3. Perilous(खतरनाक/जोखिम )
Synonyms: delicate, dicey, hazardous, precarious, risky
Antonyms: calm, certain, definite, easy, firm
Synonyms: desertion, divorce, failure, rejection, revolt
Antonyms: enough, faithfulness, harmony, loyalty, plenty
5. Reluctant(अनिच्छुक/असन्तुष्ट
Synonyms: afraid, averse, cautious, circumspect, hesitant
Antonyms: bold, careless, certain, confident, definite
6. Arising(उत्पन्न/उठना 
Synonyms: issuing,. originating, proceeding, rising, soaring
7. Refrained( परहेज /अड़ना
Synonyms: abstain, avoid, cease, curb, desist
Antonyms: carry on, continue, indulge, keep on, use
8. Burdened(बोझ)
Synonyms: laden, loaded, taxed
Antonyms: unloaded, unburdened
9. Pursuing(पीछा करना) 
Synonyms: ensuing, following, coming after, in pursuance of, on the lookout for
Antonyms: preceding
10. Prevent (रोकें)
Synonyms: avert, avoid, bar, block, counter
Antonyms: advance, aid, allow, approve, assist
11. Recognizes(पहचानता
Synonyms: admit, know, make, note, notice
Antonyms: deny, forget, ignore, misinterpret, miss
12. Controversy(विवाद ).
Synonyms: argument, bickering, difference, discussion, fuss
Antonyms: agreement, concurrence, peace, compliment, harmony
13. Interplay(परस्पर क्रिया)
Synonyms: give-and-take, co action, exchange, mesh, meshing

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