English Vocab

1. Glitch(गड़बड़)
Synonyms: bug, defect, flaw, hitch, malfunction
Antonyms: advantage, perfection, strength
2. Eagerly(उत्सुकता से/बेसब्री से
Synonyms: actively, ardently, breathlessly, cordially, earnestly

Antonyms: grudgingly, listlessly, unwillingly
3. Slighter(थोड़ा/कमज़ोर) 
Synonyms: meager, minor, modest, negligible, slender
Antonyms: important, large, major, significant, likely
Synonyms: brick, cobblestone, flagstone, gravel, macadamize
Antonyms: dig up, strip

5. Thrust(जोर/धमाका
Synonyms: core, gist, upshot, burden, effect
Antonyms: pull

Synonyms: infinite, undefined, undetermined, unlimited, broad
Antonyms: bounded, definite, finite, limited, certain

7. Imagination(कल्पना) 
Synonyms: artistry, awareness, fancy, fantasy, idea
Antonyms: concrete, fact, ignorance, inability, reality

8. Interval(अंतराल
Synonyms: hiatus, intermission, interruption, layoff, lull
Antonyms: continuation, closure

9.Coincide(मेल खाना 
Synonyms: concur, correspond, jibe, accompany, accord
Antonyms: differ, disagree, dissent, oppose, protest

10. Suitable(उपयुक्त/उचित).
Synonyms: advisable, applicable, apt, convenient, correct
Antonyms: awkward, improper, inadequate, inappropriate

11. Rendezvous(प्रतिपादन/मिलन स्थल)
Synonyms: assignation, blind date, tryst, affair, appointment

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