English Quiz

In the following passage there are blanks each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each five words have been suggested, one of which fits the blanks appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

I remember vividly the first time I ever voted in an Iranian election. It was a __1__ summer day in June 2001, in the election that won the reformist president Mohammad Khatami a second term. The blue stamp was the first on the voting page of my identification card, and I felt a sharp, exhilarating pride. That election is much on my mind now, as I watch the results of Friday’s voting with my family, disagreeing on what it Back in 2001, Iran was heading down an __2__ path toward internal reform, a process untainted by any Western intrusion, with citizens and progressive minded leaders showing the way. Those leaders seemed, at the time, as exciting as Vaclav Havel and the revolutionary cleric Musa al Sadr rolled into one. Elections felt — unlike the vote this past weekend — full of consequences genuine chance to __3__ political power rather than an exercise in slightly recalibrating it.

Tehran then was a naïve young intellectual’s paradise. There were Islamist reformers and secular __4__, women’s rights campaigners who went door to door in villages, and urban activists working to save everything from the Iranian cheetah to the rapidly evaporating Lake Urmia. You could sit at the feet of an ayatollah in the morning and hear a Koran backed strategy for gender equality; by afternoon, you could be with the radical student opposition in a __5__ house in the center of the city, still strewn with shredded documents removed from the United States embassy during the 1979 hostage taking. There were literary readings almost every night, and subversive theater that __6__ the system, using metaphors from baseball to Moliere.

The reformists in those days were punchy; they __7__ Karl Popper, and said one day freedom would come to Iran, and we would all support the Palestinians and thumb our noses at the West and be a beacon of progress for the rest of the Middle East, which in those days was a political wasteland, the kind of place that “didn’t have politics.”

In Tehran, dissidents didn’t __8__ in the shadows as in Tunis or Cairo. They would write newspaper columns saying things like, “My family gave three martyrs to the war with Iraq; I’m the only son left, I support change, and have the right to speak.” People would throng newspaper __9__ and buy five papers each.
I reported on trials where feminist lawyers, representing the families of dissident students killed by paramilitary forces, raised their voices against turbaned judges. To be a part of all this as a journalist felt like some sort of heart stopping privilege; I would lay awake at night thinking about the day’s conversations, and how it seemed that history was not made by __10__ leaders, but the daily decision of ordinary people not to be scared.

1. (1) balmy 

(2) moisture 

(3) tropical 

(4) typical 

(5) random 

2. (1) reversed 

(2) changeable 

(3) irrevocable 

(4) inevitable 

(5) lost 

3. (1) vary 

(2) convert 

(3) ruin 

(4) continue 

(5) recast 

4. (1) reactionary 

(2) reformers 

(3) moderate 

(4) calm 

(5) transformer 

5. (1) oxidizing 

(2) rusting 

(3) renovating 

(4) decaying 

(5) amazing 

6. (1) caricature 

(2) cartoon 

(3) lampooned 

(4) take off 

(5) roast 

7. (1) cite 

(2) answer 

(3) call 

(4) invoked 

(5) request 

8. (1) crouch 

(2) cower 

(3) face 

(4) meet 

(5) sneak 

9. (1) kiosks 

(2) banners 

(3) stage 

(4) stall 

(5) shopping 

10.(1) hypnotic 

(2) naïve 

(3) poised 

(4) lovable 

(5) charismatic 


1. (1) 
2. (3) 
3. (5) 
4. (2) 
5. (4) 
6. (3) 
7. (4) 
8. (2) 
9. (1) 
10. (5) 
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