English Vocab

1. Nail down (idiom): To specify something; to establish or determine something concretely. (वास्तव में पता लगाना)
Synonyms: Determine, Conclude, Ascertain, Discover, Resolve
Example: I think we've nailed down the cause of the electrical
2. Prominent (adjective): Very noticeable, important, or famous: (प्रसिद्ध, प्रख्यात)
Synonyms: Outstanding, Salient, Eminent, Famous 
Antonyms: Unknown, Unnoticeable, Insignificant, Unremarkable
Example: She plays a prominent role in the organization.
3. Slavishness (noun): Of or characteristic of a slave or slavery. (दासवृत्ति)
Synonyms: Servility, Subservience, Docility, Obsequiousness
Antonyms: Independent, Autonomous, Uppity, Supercilious
Example:  A politician and his slavish followers
4. In one fell swoop (idiom): All in one go. (एक बार में)
Synonyms:  All at once, Together, At one fling, Outright, With one move
Antonyms:  Gradually, Distinctly, Bit by bit, Successively
Example: I got all my Christmas shopping done in one fell swoop.
5. Willy-Nilly (adverb): If something happens to you willy-nilly, it happens whether you like it or not. (बिना सोचे समझे)
Synonyms: Necessarily, Perforce, Arbitrarily, Indiscriminately
Example: The government were dragged willy-nilly into the confrontation.
6. Repression (noun): The use of force or violence to control a group of people: (दमन, दबाव)
Synonyms: Suppression, Oppression, Subjugation, Domination  
Antonyms: Liberty, Freedom, Unconstraint, Disinhibition
Example: The political repression in this country is enforced by terror.
7. Deposition (noun): The giving of sworn evidence. (बयान, शपथपूर्वक साक्षी)
Synonyms: Statement, Declaration, Evidence, Affidavit
Example: The deposition of four expert witnesses
8. Appease (verb): To stop someone from being angry by giving them what they want. (प्रार्थित वस्तु देकर मनाना, तुष्ट करना, खुश करना)
Synonyms: Placate, Propitiate, Assuage, Allay, Mollify
Antonyms: Provoke, Irritate, Aggravate, Agitate
Example: If my husband does something wrong, he will try to appease me by buying my favorite flowers.
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9. Scour (verb): Make a thorough search there for something. (छान मारना, जल्दी जल्दी खोजना)
Synonyms: Rummage, Ransack, Dig (Through), Search
Antonyms: Abandon, Lose, Ignore, Neglect
Example: They scoured antiques shops for furniture for their new home.
Related: Scoured, Scoured
10. Savour (verb): To enjoy food or an experience slowly, in order to enjoy it as much as possible: (आनंद उठाना, मजा लेना) 
Synonyms: Relish, Enjoy, Adore, Delight (In), Rejoice, Revel
Antonyms: Abhor, Detest, Loathe, Condemn, Despise, Scorn
Example: It was the first chocolate he'd tasted for over a year, so he savoured every mouthful.
Related: Savoured, Savoured
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