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English Vocab

 1. On a razor’s edge (idiom) To the point of doing something risky or dangerous. (जोखिम भरा, खतरनाक)
Synonyms: Risky, Precarious, Hazardous, Dicey, Perilous
Antonyms: Safe, Secure, Innocuous
 Example: I like to
live on the razor's edge sometimes and go skydiving.
2. Carry the can (idiom): To take the blame for something, often another's mistakes or misdeeds: (दोष अपने सिर लेना)
Synonyms: Face the music, Shoulder the blame, Be the scapegoat, Be the fall guy
Example: Because i was the ceo, i had to carry the can for our company's collapse
3. Enunciation (noun): To state something clearly and often officially. (उच्चारण, घोषणा)
Synonyms: Articulation, Elocution, Diction, Pronunciation
Example: In the speech, the leader enunciated his party's proposals for tax reform.
4. Split hairs (idiom): To make or focus on trivial or petty details, differences, or distinctions. (दोष ढूंढना)
Synonyms: Nit-pick, Quibble, Pettifog, Pick holes in
Example: I actually think it was your responsibility, not Dave's, but let's not split hairs about it.
5. Transgression (noun): An act that goes against a law, rule, or code of conduct. (उल्लंघन, अपराध)
Synonyms: Infringement, Contravention,  Felony, Delinquency
Antonyms: Obedience, Nonviolence, Duty, Conduct
Example: Because of the company president’s malfeasance, he has been removed from his office.
6. Recourse (noun): A source of help in a difficult situation. (उपाय, सहारा)
Synonyms: Option, Possibility, Alternative, Resort, Expedient
Antonyms: Blockage, Obstruction
Example: Surgery may be the only recourse.
7. Grudgingly (adverb): Unwillingly: (अनिच्छापूर्वक, अनचाहे रूप से)
Synonyms: Reluctantly, Warily, Hesitantly, Resentfully
Antonyms: Willingly, Voluntarily, Happily
Example: He grudgingly accepted that he would retire after the general election.
8. Quip (verb): Make a witty remark. (चतुराईपूर्ण उत्तर देना, चट् से जवाब देना)
Synonyms: Jest, Pun, Epigram, Wisecrack, Gibe
Example: ‘Flattery will get you nowhere,’ she quipped.
Related: Quipped, Quipped
9. Deterrent (adj): Something that makes movement or progress difficult. (निवारक)
Synonyms: Fetter, Impediment, Inhibition Encumbrance
Antonyms: Catalyst, Stimulant
Example: The homeowner put up a fence around his garden as a deterrent for animals.
10. Testimony (noun): Evidence or proof of something. (गवाही, साक्ष्य, सबूत)
Synonyms: Testament, Proof, Evidence,  Confirmation, Witness
Antonyms: Disproof, Surmise, Refutation
Example: The reports are testimony to the many hours of research completed by this committee.
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