English Vocab

1. Invidious (adj): (of an action or situation) likely to arouse or incur resentment or anger in others. (जो बुरा लगे, द्वेषजनक)
Synonyms: Unpleasant, Awkward, Difficult,
Undesirable, Detestable
Antonyms: Lovable, Delightful, Pleasant
Example: The dictator’s invidious acts caused the people to rise up against him.
2. Tentative (adj): Not certain or fixed. (अनिश्चित)
Synonyms:  Provisional, Doubtful, Uncertain, Hesitant
Antonyms: Definite, Sure, Certain, Confident
Example: Our plans are only tentative at this point and will depend on whether you can come.
3. Affability (noun): The quality of being friendly and easy to talk to. (मिलनसारिता)
Synonyms: Joviality, Amiability, Gregariousness, Bonhomie
Antonyms: Hostility, Petulance, Incivility, Crankiness
Example: His freehandedness and affability made him very popular with his soldiers.
4. Accolade (noun): An award or privilege granted as a special honour or as an acknowledgement of merit. (सम्मान, शाबाशी, पुरस्कार)
Synonyms: Honour, Recognition, Distinction, Award, Laurel
Antonyms: Slander, Reproof, Reprimand
Example: The Medal of Honour is the highest accolade a soldier can win.
5. Eccentric (adj): (of a person or their behaviour) unconventional and slightly strange. (विलक्षण, सनकी)
Synonyms: Bizarre, Outlandish, Aberrant, Anomalous, Strange
Antonyms: Ordinary, Conventional, Normal, Common
 Example: The eccentric old man never ate anything other than cat food.
6. Hyperbole (noun): A way of speaking or writing that makes someone or something sound bigger, better, more, etc. than they are: (किसी बात को घटा बढ़ाकर कहना, अतिशयोक्ति)
Synonyms: Exaggeration, Overstatement, Magnification, Embellishment
Antonyms: Belittlement, Disparagement, Understatement
Example: I'm so hungry I could eat a horse. (example of hyperbole)
7. Hegemonic (adj): Ruling or dominant in a political or social context. (प्रधानता वाली/ वाला, शासक, सर्वोच्च)
Synonyms: Leading, Chief, Preponderant, Dominant
Antonyms: Minor, Subordinate, Follower
 Example: the ruling party's hegemonic control of all facets of society.    
8. Totalitarian (adj): A political system   in which there is only one political party which controls everything and does not allow any opposition parties. (अधिनायकवादी, एकदलीय, सर्वाधिकारवादी)
Synonyms: Autocratic, Despotic, Dictatorial, Tyrannical
Antonyms: Democratic, Liberal, Sovereign
Example: After the Arab Spring a barbarian totalitarian regime came to an end in these countries.
9. Wryly (adverb): In a way that expresses dry, especially mocking, humour. (व्यंग्यपूर्ण ढंग से)
Synonyms: Ironically, Sarcastically, Mockingly, Sardonically
Antonyms: Respectfully, Sincerely
Example: The stand-up comedian wryly makes jokes about his family members.
10. Epistemic (adj): Of or relating to knowledge or knowing. (ज्ञान-संबंधी)
Synonyms: Cognitive, Knowing, Psychological, Intellectual
Example: An epistemic community is a network of professionals that all possess recognized knowledge and skill in some area.
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