English Vocab

1. Conciliatory (adjective): Intended to gain goodwill or favor or to reduce hostility.(समझौताकारी, मिलाप करनेवाला)
Synonyms: Propitiatory, Placatory, Mollifying, Irenic, Appeasing

AntonymsAntagonizingAntipathetic, Hostile, Inhospitable, Inimical, Unfriendly
Example: The United Nations has a conciliatory role in handling disputes between countries.
2. Rhetoric (noun): Speech or writing intended to be effective and influence people:(भाषण कला)
Synonyms: Oratory, Eloquence, Grandiloquence, Fustian, Verbosity
Antonyms: Conciseness, Inarticulateness, Silence, Quiet
Example: I was swayed by her rhetoric into donating all my savings to the charity.
3. Play Down (idiom): To make something seem less important or remarkable. (किसी का महत्त्व कम करना)
Synonyms: Belittle, Underrate, Underplay, De- Emphasize, Underestimate
Antonyms: Glorify, Extol, Exalt, Laud, Praise
Example: The pharmaceutical company tried to play down the harmfulside effects ofits new medication.
4. Dismount (verb): To alight from an elevated position (as on a horse): (उतरना याउतारना)
Synonyms: Disembark, Descend, Alight, Get-Off, Disassemble
Antonyms: Climb, Embark, Mount, Ascend, Assemble, Construct
Example: The coachman dismounted from his seat in order to assist the weary travelers.
Related: Dismount, Dismounted
5. Parley (noun): A discussion between two groups of peopleespecially one that isintended to end an argument. (बातचीत, संवाद, परस्पर वार्तालाप)
Synonyms: Negotiation, Summit, Dialogue, Consultation, Colloquy
Example: After some serious parley, both sides agreed to settle their differences.
6. Fraught (adjective): Full of unpleasant things such as problems or dangers. (दिक्कतों से भरा हुआ, लदा हुआ)
Synonyms: Laden, Abound, Loaded, Profuse, Bountiful
Antonyms: Empty, Void, Vacuous, Barren
Example: From beginning to end, the airlift was fraught with risks
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7. Hawkish (adjective): Advocating an aggressive or warlike policy, especially in foreign affairs. (जंगी, जुझारू, लड़ाकू)
Synonyms: Belligerent, Combative, Pugnacious, Hostile, Warlike
Antonyms: Amicable, Dovish, Pacifistic, Genial
Example: The president is hawkish on foreign policy
8. Rationale (noun): A set of reasons or a logical basis for a course of action or belief.(तर्क, तर्काधार)
Synonyms: Reason, Justification, Logic, Sense
Antonyms: Nonsensicalness, Unreasonableness, Senselessness, Illogic
Example: The judge asked the young man to explain his rationale for stealing a police car.
9. Bogey (noun): Something feared, esp. when the fear is not based on reason: (जो डर का कारन है)
Synonyms: Apparition, Ghost, Spook, Spirit, Phantom
Example: Too many economists are scared by the bogey of inflation, he says.
10. Bombardment (noun): A continuous attack with bombs, shells, or other missiles.(बमबारी, गोलंदाज़ी)
Synonyms: Barrage, Bombing, Cannonade, Fusillade, Salvo
Antonyms: Defence, Shield, Guard
Example: The troops bombarded the city, killing and injuring hundreds.
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