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English Vocab

1. Strut (verb): Walk in a proud way, with head held high and chest out, as if someone is very important. (अकड़कर चलना, गर्व से चलना)
Synonyms: Swagger, Shashay, Flounce, Prance
Example: After he won the competition, he began his strut to the winner’s circle.
Related: Strut, Strutted

2. Fret (verb): To be nervous or worried. (फ़िक्र करना)
Synonyms:  Trouble, Disturb, Fuss, Bother, Vex, Perturb
Antonyms: Placate, Pacify, Delight, Soothe
Example:  She spent the day fretting about/over what she'd said to Nicky
Related: Fret, Fretted
3. To take a stab at something (idiom): To attempt to do something although you are not likely to be very successful: (प्रयास करना)
Synonyms: Undertake, Try, Risk, Attempt
Example: Well, I haven't fixed a motor in nearly 10 years, but I'll certainly take a stab at it...

4. Castigate (verb): To criticize someone or something severely: (फटकारना, दुर्वचन कहना)
Synonyms: Chastise, Upbraid, Reprove, Reprimand, Admonish
Antonyms:  Laud, Extol, Flatter, Exonerate
Example:  When the police chief discovers his officers let the criminal escape, he is sure to castigate them.
5. Verbatim (adverb): Using exactly the same words as were originally used. (एक जैसे शब्दों का प्रयोग)
Synonyms:  Word-for-word, Exact, Literal, Directly, To the letter
Antonym: Imprecisely, Approximately, Different, Loosely
Example: She gave me a verbatim report of every conversation she's had this week.
6. Nascent (adjective): Only recently formed or started, but likely to grow larger quickly: (नवजात, बढ़ने वाला)
Synonyms: Budding, Incipient, Inchoate, Burgeoning, Inceptive, Emerging
Antonyms: Mature, Ripened, Advanced, Developed, Refined
Example: Since the nascent restaurant has only been open for two weeks, it does not have printed copies of its menu yet.

7. Prescient (adjective): Knowing or suggesting correctly what will happen in the future: (पूर्वज्ञान रखनेवाला, भविष्य ज्ञानी)
Synonyms: Prognostic, Prophetic, Clairvoyant, Presage, Visionary
Antonyms: Improvident, Myopic, Short-Sighted
Example: The prescient economist was one of the few to see the financialcollapse coming.
 8. In the teeth of (phrase): Despite problems or difficulties. (किसी के विरोध के बावजूद)
Synonyms: Confronting, Opposing, Countering, In Defiance of
Example: The bill was passed in the teeth of strong opposition.

9. Secession (noun): Formal separation from an alliance or federation. (संघ से अलग होना)
Synonyms: Schism, Split, Disaffiliation, Withdrawal, Partition, Severance
Antonyms: Unification, Joining, Fusion, Coalition, Merger
 Example: The republics want secession from the union.

10. Tinker (verb): To make small changes to something, especially in an attempt to repair or improve it: (मरम्म्त करना)
Synonyms:  Fiddle, Mend, Trifle, Dabble, Meddle
Example: Every now and then my father would go to the basement to tinker with a gadget, but he rarely got anything repaired.