English Vocab

1. Tinged (verb) : (A small but noticeable amount) (छोटी बात पर ध्यान देने योग्य)
Synonyms: Suffuse, Imbue, Scintilla, Overtone, Soupcone, Tincture
Example: Because I was going to miss my family, I felt a tinge of sadness as I drove to college.
Verb forms: Tinge, Tinged, Tinged
Related words: Tinge noun (a trace of a colour)       
2. Riffing (noun) : (A monologue or spoken improvisation, especially a humorous one, on a particular subject.) (विनोदपूर्ण)
Synonyms: Jocular, Amusing, Facetious, Droll, Jocose, Waggish, Hilarious, Ingenious
Antonyms: Humorless, Serious, Doleful, Gloomy, Fatuous, Asinine
Example: He is watching a mock news program with humorous riffs on current events
Verb forms: Riff, Riffed, Riffed
Related words: Riff (verb)
3. Disdain (noun) : (A feeling of strong dislike or disapproval of someone or something you think does not deserve respect) (तिरस्कार, घृणा)
Synonyms: Contemptuousness, Scorn, Despise, Ridicule, Spurn, Snub
Antonyms: Admiration, Esteem, Regard, Respect, Appreciation
Example: It is evident from the media coverage that New York protesters have great disdain for Wall Street.
Verb forms: Disdain, Disdained, Disdained
Related words: Disdain (verb) Disdainful (adjective) Disdainfully (adverb)
4. Visceral (adjective): (Based on emotional reactions rather than on reason or thought)  (भावनात्मक रूप से आधारित प्रतिक्रियाओं)
Synonyms: Intuitive, Instinctive, Inherent
Antonyms: Logical, Cerebral, Factual, Cogitation, Noetic
Example: His visceral reaction of punching the wall left him with a broken hand on top of his broken heart.
Related words: Viscerally (adverb)
5. Vacillate (verb) : (Wavering between different opinions or actions; irresolute.) (संदेह करना, हिचकिचानेवाला, दुविधा में पड़ा हुआ)
Synonyms: Irresolute, Hesitant, Tentative, Dithering, Wavering, Teetering, Fluctuating, Ambivalent,
Antonyms: Resolute, Persist, Determined, Obdurate
Example: While King Henry was normally a good leader, he had the tendency to vacillate when important decisions needed to be made.
Verb forms: Vacillate, Vacillated, Vacillated
Related words: Vacillatingly (adverb) Vacillator (noun)
6. Attune (verb): (To customize or modify something to be more receptive or capable) (लय में करना, अनुकूल करना)
Synonyms: Accommodate, Conciliate, Coordinate, Harmonize, Reconcile, Concordant
Antonyms: Assorted, Discrete, Divergent
Example: You can attune yourself to any future situation by participating in them more often, as practice at anything will inevitably make you better at it.
Verb forms: Attune, Attuned, Attuned
Related words: Unattuned (adjective) Aattunement (noun)
7. Feted (verb) : (Honour or entertain (someone) lavishly) (उत्सवपूर्वक सम्मान)
Synonyms: Feast, Party, Fiesta, Pageant, Celebrated, Commemorated
Antonyms: Disregarded, Unnoticed, Ignored, Unregarded
Example: The author was feted by his publishers.
Verb forms: Fete, Feted, Feted
Related words: Unfeted (adjective)
8. Devise (verb): (Plan or invent (a complex procedure, system, or mechanism) by careful thought.) (ईजाद करना, ढूंढ निकालना)
Synonyms: Concoct, Design, Frame, Invent, Originate, Compose, Construct, Fabricate, Create,
Antonyms: Disorganized, Impromptu, Improvised
Example: We should devise a fundraising campaign to get money for our trip to Europe.
Verb forms: Devise, Devised, Devised
Related words: Deviser (noun) Devisable (adjective)
9. Rescinded (verb) : (To take back; cancel) (रोकना, रद्द करना)
Synonyms: Revoke, Repeal, Cancel, Reverse, Abrogate, Overturn, Overrule, Override, Annul, Nullify,
Antonyms: Enforced, Enacted, Imposed, Reinstated, Validated
Example: Because of illegal alcohol sales, the government had to rescind the prohibition act.
Verb forms: Rescind, Rescinded, Rescinded
Related words: Rescindable (adjective) Rescinder, Rescindment (noun)
10. Detente (noun): (The easing of hostility or strained relations, especially between countries.) (शांति बनाए रखना)
Synonyms: Rapprochement, Appeasement, Reconciliation, Relaxation
Antonyms: Disruptive, Riotous, Tumultuous, Disorderly, Obstreperous

Example: The ambassadors spoke to each other about creating a climate of detente in the war torn region.
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